Ernst Calls Historic Day ‘Very Humbling’

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WASHINGTON, D.C.--Joni Ernst has now officially accomplished what no other woman in Iowa's 168 year history as a state has done; she is a United States Senator.

In a nostalgic moment, longtime senators, Republican Chuck Grassley and retiring Democrat Tom Harkin, walked Ernst down to the swearing in ceremony, shortly before Vice President Joe Biden administrated the oath.

"Very humbled. That's the word to describe this," Ernst told Channel 13 in the minutes before the ceremony.

"I am extremely honored to be in this position," Ernst said.

Ernst said with the pomp and circumstance behind her, she looked forward to getting to work. She cited passing the Keystone Pipeline as one issue she hopes to see happen soon.


  • John Smith

    Well, passage of the Keystone Pipeline nonsense is certainly well within the Koch brothers agenda. Even though it seems hard to imagine that Keystone could actually even find the backing necessary to build it, with oil prices the way they are.

    I wonder if Senator Ernst is prepared for the Senate’s inability to overturn the President’s veto?

  • Lori L Fleener-Powers

    On a serious note, I know that many voted for Ernst because of her “folksy” personality but she spells disaster for Iowa. She has no agenda except to protect the uber rich. Plus she isn’t wrapped too tight.

  • Mike Cee

    Way more class than Bruce Bailey. Or was it Brice Braley? Whatever his name was-he was the one that was such a pathetic candidate that he couldn’t get elected dog catcher. Thank goodness Iowans had enough sense to stop sending more tax and spend liberals to Washington.

    Of course, it’s fun to watch the liberals squirm and whine about it.

    • bjertbjaeger

      so a tax and spend republican is better than a tax and spend democrat? You realize she supports stealing your tax dollars and giving it to some of the wealthiest people in Iowa right? Or you really that stupid?

    • bjertbjaeger

      Know the difference between the truth and the lie you live? The lie you live claims your herd is better than the other when your both stinking piles of manure and castrated pigs.

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