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Indianola Seeks to Rebrand and Rejuvenate its Appeal

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INDIANOLA, Iowa - A new logo and marketing plan for the City of Indianola was debuted by Mayor Kelly B. Shaw during a city council meeting Monday evening, in an effort to make the city a more-attractive location for businesses and residents alike.

“Growing Indianola is important to all of us as city leaders,” said Mayor Shaw. “With a new branding effort combined with marketing and public relations efforts, we’re better suited to aggressively seek opportunities for our community while serving the citizens of Indianola,” Shaw said. “These are exciting times.”

Mayor Shaw says Indianola often battles the perception of being a "far-away" town south of the Metro, while in reality, it's only about a 15 minute drive from the Des Moines International Airport. He pointed to the growing development on the north side of the city as a sign the area is a prime location for businesses.

The new logo will begin to appear on all city vehicles and signage over time, but perhaps the most important aspect of the rebranding effort will be a new city website, complete with citizen-feedback modules where residents can submit ideas or improvements they'd like to see in the community. Four new videos, showcasing a city overview, educational excellence, quality of life and economic development, will also be accessible on the site.



  • Rick Wilson

    this is interesting at first i was indifferent to the new rebranding and logo but as I looked at it for a few minutes it makes an impact as they grows on you ……..

  • Warren Co. resident

    Not sure who designed that but I’m sure it will be reassuring to the residents of Indianola to know they are in IA. The purple and gold are understandable but where did the shades of grey and then red come from? Just doesn’t represent a growing community inviting and welcoming new business to town, honestly looks like one of the highschool students got creative with Adobe Illustrator on there study hall. It is nice to know that the city of Indianola is spending money on rebranding while the fire department, police department, and parks and recs budgets have been slashed. Keeping up the Indianola tradition of wasteful spending.

  • That's the Truth

    The sad fact of the matter is, Indianola city leaders make decisions that benefit themselves, not the community they’re supposed to serve. Small, locally-owned business has all but dried up in the beautiful little town I was raised in… and later attended college. The infiltration of big business into a small town has come at a price, and it was a price that has lined the pockets of a few without regard to the many. Although I live half a country away now, I visit my beloved hometown almost annually, and my heart breaks a little more each time when I see the path it’s on.

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