Successful Aging Program Launches In Des Moines Area

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URBANDALE, Iowa--New research out suggests lifestyle plays a big role in how we age.

A local retirement community is embracing that philosophy by rolling out a new program.

This year Deerfield Retirement Community launched a new nationwide program called Masterpiece Living.

It's based off the book; Live Long, Die Short which says 70 percent of how you age is determined by lifestyle.

“Those choices can be whether we chose to be social and are hanging around other people and having fun, the foods that we chose, physical activity. So they fall under the four components of wellness; spiritual, physical, emotional, and social,” says Deerfield Executive Director Cindi McNair.

It's a program resident Marilyn Smith couldn't wait to begin.

“I think it`s a great program, it wasn't difficult for me to buy into it at all because that`s the way I think you should live,” says Smith.

The program includes lots of aspects for successful aging including a four by four challenge, asking residents to try new things.

“We`re trying to find out what their passions are that they have tapped into or haven`t tapped into and accelerate those,” says McNair.

“I`m always willing to learn something new, whatever comes up I’m going to look at it, analyze it, and try it,” says Smith.

Each resident can develop their own personalized program based on their hobbies and interests and will be measured on their progress.

“This is my philosophy on life; I’ve been living this way for years. The only thing that will be different for me is having a measurement to see if I’m improving. I did the test this morning and it said I’m on track but could do a little better,” says Smith.

Smith says she's looking forward to growing in the program this year, picking up some new hobbies and continuing her already active lifestyle.

“I have what I consider an ideal lifestyle and I would hope everyone here could experience that,” says Smith.

Residents are reviewed annually on their progress through the program.

Deerfield is the only Des Moines-area retirement community to partner with Masterpiece Living.

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