VP Biden Calls Ernst Her Husband’s Name, But She Still Makes History

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WASHINGTON, D.C.--The day may not have quite played out as planned. Nevertheless, Joni Ernst officially put her name in 168 years of Iowa history Tuesday.

Here are a few things that challenged the day:

--Several inches of snow caused a messy morning in Washington, D.C.

--Vice President Joe Biden mistakenly called Ernst by her husband's name, Gail, when he greeted her before the swearing in reenactment ceremony.

--Biden and the Ernst family struggled a bit figuring out exactly who did what and which person stood where during the ceremony

--Gail and Libby, the couple's daughter, had to battle the Iowa snowstorm to make it to Washington in time for Tuesday's events.

--The senator-elect didn't get much rest before her big day. "I did sleep. I won't say that I slept a long time," Ernst said.

But those were all overshadowed by the more meaningful moments of the day.

--Iowans watched an iconic display as the state's longest serving senators, Republican Chuck Grassley and Democrat Tom Harkin, stood with Ernst on the senate floor for her official swearing in ceremony.

--Grassley later praised Ernst for knowing so much about national events, despite being a freshman legislator. "She's got to be a smart, quick learner," he said.

--Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds, who pushed Ernst to run for the senate, called her friend's accomplishment as Iowa's first female senator "phenomenal" and said Ernst is now a "national role model."

--Ernst has overcome 168 years of Iowa history to earn her place in Washington.

--She said of her accomplishment, "I am extremely honored to be in this position. I am honored to be the next U.S. Senator from Iowa."


  • JuJit

    I am so pleased to have Joni Ernst as the first female senator from Iowa. She will represent Iowans honestly and with common sense.

    • Matthew

      Clean air and clean water fall under common sense, so why has she not made a pledge to work on these issues for Iowans?

    • John Smith

      Just being a US Senator for three decades, followed by VPOTUS for two terms.

      YOU should be such a screw up. But, then VP Biden couldn’t play all you Dittoheads like the cheap fiddles you are.

      • Mike Cee

        So what you really mean is that he isn’t smart enough to get a real job, so he perpetually makes his living on the backs of taxpayers dumb enough to keep electing him.

      • Mark

        I think the only brains Biden has are those he received in the follicles of his hair transplants. He’s a joke.

      • The Phantom

        John Smith you are an idiot troll want to be. I can tell your a hack not even from Iowa but sitting in a office of the DNC getting paid to search local papers and write this garbage The man is a perv and an entitled jerk. Read some of the actual accounts the secret service agents have filed after they left the service. Want to know why his name is not in the mix for 2016. Because he knows he could not win with the dirt everyone in Washington has on him.

      • John Smith

        qed. Look at the little Dittohead yup-yups, foaming at the mouth just like Rush taught them!

        The VP has your number, dimwits, and your cheap fiddle music is getting deafening. I would also hazard a guess that this little misstep isn’t a misstep any more than the others; it is just an indication of his assessment of the junior Senator from Iowa.

        Mega dittos!


    Joni makes me want to vomit in a bucket and eat it then vomit again… can’t wait for her to be the worst senator anyone has ever seen. I am sure that Satan made her mother “squeal” like a pig as he jackhammered her during conception.

    • The Phantom

      Nice Ralph, you are abit confused it was not Joni earst but your mother that squealed. You just repressed it all these years, cause there was so much squealing going on in your house

    • Fed UP

      Wow, now that’s really “playing nice with others”, something totally lost in your world. Guess we found out just how “low you can go”. If she would have had a “D” behind her name, everything would have been peachy in your world.

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