POLL: Should School be Canceled Due to Cold Weather?

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  • C

    Speaking as a student who comes from a school where certain parts of the school have vague heating, on top of students I know that walk to school, it’s not safe for them to walk in the cold.

  • Troy V

    Safety is important, but can’t be the only factor, if it was, kids wouldn’t ever go to school as just riding on the school bus isn’t safe, neither is gym class (someone might get hit with a ball playing dodgeball (SARCASM)).
    Now, combining extreme weather with safety (-35 degree windchill) changes the equation. At the temps forecast, the fuel in school buses could “jell” and the buses could stop running and you could have up to 50 kids with Hypothermia before a back-up bus can get there to pick them up from where the bus quit running.
    Did a lot of people go to school when it was cold outside when we were kids? yes, but ask your parents about school cancelations, they did the same thing when we were there (I remember going to school in 7th grade and getting dismissed at 9:00 AM because of a winter storm (it wasn’t snowing outside and didn’t start for 2 hours and didn’t get bad until 2:00 PM or so). That was over 25 years ago, so this is nothing new….

  • Betty

    I drive a van, with special needs children. What if something went wrong & they had to wait in the cold, some cant walk, some cant talk. You cant get in a hurry, with my kids

  • N/A

    Monday our Dmps elementary school room was only 55 degrees all day and our student are special needs, many with compromised immune systems. We have to put safety and health of students first. Days can be made up.

  • John Smith

    Well, first off, I cannot imagine a temperature of 0 degrees being considered an extreme of any kind. But, surely this is a matter that can be decided on more of a scientific basis than an internet poll. Have we not been keeping weather records for a very long time, now? And, is there any indication of a correlation between cold weather and harm to students when school is in session?

    I can only recall ONE weather-related closing in 13 years in public schools, and that was only because of a major snow storm that came so late that the city’s plows were already in storage for the year. The school closing was for a single day because even buses were having difficulty getting through the drifts. Cold temperatures never entered into it.

  • Tammy

    I work in a restaurant and several of the parents drag their kids out to come eat when there is no school.. Had one today that made the comment they were celebrating NO SCHOOL! Her kids were here with hats and mittens on and short sleeve shirts. They could just as well be in school. Also, several parents work and still have to take the kids to a daycare, so they are dragging them out anyway too. Late start and early out wuld still give them a day of school and parents the time to work a little.

  • glenn haus

    i drive a bus for Waukee and I think they should close for colder whether because there are a lot of children out there that have to wait for us to pick them up and they have no protection from the cold safety first school second

  • Mike Cee

    Somehow those of us who are a bit older managed to survive (and thrive) the cold weather when we were kids. It was never an issue with going out on a sub-zero morning and doing chores before dad took us to school in the 1948 IH pickup with a heater that would only blow warm air in the spring.

    Yet the same parents who claim that it’s unsafe for the kids to go to school are the same parents who drag them out to the mall when school is closed because of the cold.

  • Schorcher

    The local school was closed yesterday because “it was too cold”….yet last evening,the school gym was opened for sports practice and it was even colder then(-11°).
    I sat WHAT?

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