Students Get a Break from the Cold While Workers Bundle Up

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ANKENY, Iowa-- The dangerous wind chills this morning led many school districts to canceled classes for the day.

West Des Moines third grader Quintin Stewart was excited for the subzero temperatures.

“I just don't like school that much,” he said.

Stewart and his cousins traded the classroom for The Playground for Kids in Ankeny.

“They didn't have school and I was taking care of my sisters kids this week so decided to bring them here. With five of them, they needed to burn off some energy,” Mom Stephanie Stewart said.

While it was a day off for students, it was a work day for Shane Solberg. He works in courtesy at Fareway.

“That entails bringing out groceries for the customer and loading them in their car,” said Solberg.

Even on days when the temperature doesn`t get above zero and the windchill take your breath away.

“It stings a little bit on the skin,” he said.

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