Police Identify Man Killed in Officer-involved Shooting Following Robbery, Car Chase

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DES MOINES, Iowa – Police have identified the man shot and killed by an officer after they say he robbed a credit union, carjacked an SUV and led officers on a chase Wednesday.

Police identified the suspect as 30-year-old Nicholas Ryan Brickman.

Just after 9 a.m., officers were called to a robbery at the Tradesmen Credit Union on SE 14th Street. Police say Brickman pointed a gun at a teller and took off with an undisclosed amount of cash.

While police were heading to the credit union, one officer spotted the Brickman's vehicle and began to pursue him. Police say he then ditched that car in the parking lot of Club 2000 on Indianola Avenue, pointed a gun at two victims and stole their black SUV. He left behind the cash he is accused of stealing.

The pursuit continued until Brickman hit a car parked outside of a business off SE 4th and Scott Street and came to a stop moments later. Police say he then took off on foot and pointed a gun at the pursuing officer when another officer came in and shot him.

"The officer who was coming from the south to the north sees the suspect point a gun at one of the pursuing officers. That officer fired at the suspect, I don’t know how many times and did strike him," Des Moines Police Sgt. Jason Halifax explained.

Paramedics got to the scene quickly and tried to administer CPR to Brickman but could not save him. He died at a Des Moines hospital an hour later.

Police say 15 year veteran Scott Newman fired his weapon. He has been placed on paid administrative leave which is standard following an officer involved shooting.

Police say the suspect didn’t fire his weapon and no other people were injured.




  • leftofright

    I hope he wasn’t black otherwise we’re gonna have Sharpton and a bunch of blacks in the street protesting an “unfair death”


  • Mike Cee

    Thank you Des Moines Police for your service and diligence. I’m happy that no officers were injured. The bad guy got exactly what he deserved.

    • Jenny

      Im not one who would usually respond to anything, however i knew Nick and im not making excuses for his actions what he did was wrong. I feel that it is very insensitive for someone, anyone to say he got what he deserved. Nick was going through an extremely hard time and had know one in his corner. I think he obviously was at a breaking point and just went off the deep end. He had nothing to loose i know in my heart he wouldnt have shot at the police he knew he was caught and in a lot of trouble and pulled the gun out so the officer would shoot him and just end it all for Him.
      My heart aches for his sister and for Nick as well i just wish he could’ve got the help he needed then maybe this could’ve been prevented. His struggle is now over and im thankful know one else was hurt. Rest in peace Nick ♡

    • Jeff K

      You didn’t even know the guy, I and many others that are shocked and devastated did. He was a good guy, friend to many, and he didn’t deserve to be shot and killed for his crime. He wasn’t a criminal, he was a guy in a place you clearly have never been and wouldn’t understand. That “bad guy” as you called him wasn’t a bad guy at all, he just made a bad choice while he was in a bad place in his life dealing with things you probably couldn’t handle yourself no matter how much your ego tells you that you could, while you sit up on your ivory tower like some patron saint. Nick wasn’t going to hurt anyone, and any other person who knew him knows he wouldn’t have, that’s probably why he had a gun, so he didn’t have to. People listen to a gun a lot better than some random guy. Anyone happen to witness the part where he supposedly pointed his gun at the cop, apparently while running in the opposite direction? Yeah, funny how that worked out right? What, was he aiming over his shoulder while running for his life? Probably not, but every pig in the streets is always looking for a reason to fire their penis, I mean gun, and there’s no one to keep them in check. If the officer thought he needed to be shot to be stopped, he could have fired one in his leg or shoulder, rather than going Rambo on him and shooting him until he was fatally wounded.

      • Kate

        I’m sorry for the loss of your friend. I hope he’s found peace and I too am glad no one else was injured… But your comment about how the police should’ve shot him in the arm/leg made me laugh SO HARD.

  • SMH

    Are these Midwest Christian vaules on display here in these opinions or are you just mean people commenting on the loss of a life?

    • leftofright

      No clue I am a moderate republican agnostic being facetious about the disconnect between the African American community and the police force so…you tell me?

      Don’t look for seriousness or empathy in a comments section of a two – bit news station.

    • Mike Cee

      My ethics and values don’t embrace someone who commits multiple violent crimes, including pulling a weapon and pointing it at a police officer. The fewer people like that we have in society the better off we are.

  • R

    It is sad that he was killed. I don’t know what it takes to drive a grown man to decide to risk everything for some quick cash, but I am certain that it was was a bad situation for him and all his family. I feel for the officer that shot the man as well. That is not anything I would want to live with for the rest of my life.

  • Gertie

    O.K. all Caucasians, let’s riot! Scream, vandalize, make up stuff, c’mon get cracking! Oh wait. We don’t do that because we’re civilized and we know the difference between right and wrong.

  • Debbie

    If he just would have dropped the gun . . . . And, how did this turn into a black vs. white scenario? My sympathies go out to the young man’s family. My trust and respect go out to our police officers.

  • joe

    The two people that he pointed a gun at will be traumatized for quite some time after getting a gun pulled on them along with having to pay for their vehicle getting wrecked. As well as everyone else that have wrecked cars that their insurance premiums will no doubt go up.

    • jeffkrugler

      They didn’t get gunned down though did they? They’re still alive right? Right. Nick is dead, he doesn’t have the chance to be ‘traumatized’ or anything of that nature. He didn’t need to be shot down like that regardless of his crime. He could have been apprehended without being murdered and that’s exactly what it is. Anyone actually see him pointing a gun? No he just had it in his hand. But DMPD gets to use that as an excuse to fatally shoot him and they’re apparently the heroes because he robbed a bank, stole a car trying to escape, and harmed absolutely no one in the process.

  • Sue

    an unfortunate end for a young man who chose the wrong path, and a very sad day for his family. prayers to them

  • leann west

    U know I have known Nick Brickman since he was in elementary school he was such an amazing football player & a great boxer all around he was an awesome kid that had some rough & hard times it really pisses me off that news 13 shows his mugshot pic & has 2 talk bout all the times he’s been in trouble who cares bout all that what matters is another young kids life is taking news 13 do u ever think how his family feels…..

  • Helen

    And yet his sister calls him a hardworking good guy. Why do people continue to defend relatives that do these things? Can’t you see what everyone else does when he had already been in trouble? Good guys don’t rob banks and hijack cars.

  • Rodney King

    It sucks that he had to die for his actions. But all who is defending this guy is just perpetuating the “it’s not my fault mentality! ” I get the sarcasm of why there is not rioting. I don’t get the people who knew this guy did not try to get him some help. The police and the people who were car jacked did not deserve to have a gun pointed at them. The bank teller did not deserve to have a gun pointed at them. Actions have consequences. I bet you same super friends would be defending him ifvthe people he car jack shot him? No one deserves to be defamed if they are not here to defend themselves. But guess what, we all have opinions and that is what these blogs are for. Ill rather have a ALLEGED criminal die than a bystander or police officer. And you are not hurting cops feeling by calling them pigs Jeff. You are really complementing them.

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