DMACC Students Learn with ‘Bacon Explosion’

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ANKENY, Iowa --  What do you get when you put together 475 pounds of bacon, hundreds of pounds of sausage, along with 16 culinary students and their chef instructors? The answer: A "Bacon Explosion."

Chris Palar, Executive Chef  Instructor at DMACC's Culinary Institute is coordinating the effort by his group to produce the meat specialty.  Each Explosion consists of 2 pounds of sausage stuffed with bacon bits, and wrapped in bacon.  It is then cooked off-site and smoked by Smoky D's Barbeque, before it is served at the Blue Ribbon BaconFest on January 31st.

"What I perceive,  they are learning is quantify food production," said Palar.  "They see how to run an assembly line and get things done more efficiently."

Palar said they have done this production for several years. "It's a multi-step process, chef and I came in yesterday  and fried off roughly 475 pounds of bacon, and chopped them into bacon bits," he said.


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