Marshalltown Police Investigating Shooting Death, Victim Identified

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MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa – Marshalltown Police are investing the shooting death of a 20-year-old man Saturday night.

Officers were called to 1203 West Church Street at 11:11 PM. On scene, they found a victim with a gunshot wound. The man died at the hospital shortly after midnight.

Police have identified the victim as Dedrikk Fisher, 20-years-old of Marshalltown. His mother and aunt say he lived in Des Moines and Marshalltown and was loved by many.

"There were some witnesses to the shooting and we were able to identify a suspect very early in," said Marshalltown Police Chief Michael Tupper.

Authorities are searching for Jose Enrique Morales, age 19, of Marshalltown. Investigators have yet to determine the relationship between Morales and Fisher, but say the two knew each other. Morales is considered to be armed and dangerous.

"We are investigating a very serious crime and we do believe that Mr. Morales is armed so we want to caution people about approaching Mr. Morales," said Chief Tupper.

Anyone with information concerning Morales’ location is asked to call 911 immediately. Police say he will be charged with Murder in the First Degree and Going Armed With Intent.


  • Nameless

    This is what happens when we stop deporting illegals. You can thank our current federal administration for that.

    • Paula

      Your comment tells me that you don’t live in Marshalltown, and your name tells me you’re uneducated in anything to to with immigrants or immigration. So please, don’t even speak on subjects you clearly no nothing about.

    • Educated

      It’s not about respect, when you associate a person’s ethnic background with their reason for murder, you make a generalization that everyone of that ethnicity is also a murderer. Which is inappropriate and uncalled for

  • judy rojo

    I just want to remind anyone who may be helping to hide this murderer…you will be charged and in prisoned with the same crime if you help him. Aiding and abetting. You will go down with him. Talk him into turning himself in. Or better yet tell him if he can’t do the time he should take the cowardly way out and kill himself…!!!

  • joe

    The victim was only 20 years old, has been to court 24 times and has $6,000.00 in unpaid court costs and fines, but I am sure he was just an outstanding model citizen that was just misunderstood…

    • NA

      So, just because of those factors, he deserved to die? What kind of person are you? He may not have been the best kid, but Dedrikk was someone’s son, and so was Jose. You don’t have to “feel bad,” but don’t try to make that excuse and make it seem like he deserved to die…

      • Torquemada

        If you are going to hang out with criminals that carry guns, what are the odds of being killed by a criminal with a gun? Thug life… who could have predicted this? When life starts being fair no one will be a victim of their environment and no one will have to “feel bad”.

  • Gabriel

    Just a little FYI .. This has nothing to do with being illegal or Hispanic. Violence is everywhere, in every race, color and gender. Please stop the ignorance and attacks towards Latino’s here in Marshalltown. This just causes more friction and more room for violence and hate, this is the kind of things we need to work on getting rid of. Marshalltown is a nice place to live and we should conserve all the beauty it has and the wonderful people that live in this town. When you have ignorant cyber bully racists hiding behind a computer screen blaming races and speaking about deportation, It make us residents or Marshalltown seem despicable. Let’s have a little more respect for everyone especially the families involved in this tragic incident. Help find this guy and quick, there are families with young kids and together we can help protect one another for the kids and the future they hold. My prayers are with the family of the victim.

    • Torquemada

      Some residents of Marshalltown are despicable, period. Show me another Iowa community with more murders per capita. A few bad apples will spoil the whole bunch. Cling to the mantra of diversity and then wonder why there is diversity… good and bad. Clearly there is plenty of ignorance to go around. Denying that there is a problem doesn’t mean that the problem doesn’t exist. Marshalltown is reaping what it has sown. Nice pep talk.

  • Torquemada

    Marshalltown is turning into a cesspool of hate and disenfranchisement, anyone that says different isn’t being honest.

  • So happy

    im so happy and blessed I don’t live in Marshall by the luck of it everyone is a bigot and probaly skipped school to cook meth in their i heritage trailer from ma and pa

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