Carlisle Coach Arrested on Drug Charges Enters Guilty Plea

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Jim Flaws mug

CARLISLE, Iowa — A Carlisle teacher and coach has entered a guilty plea to drug charges.

Officers arrested Jim Flaws in October. He has been charged with possession of crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia.

He changed his plea to guilty last week and there’s no date yet for his sentencing.

Flaws is currently on leave from the district but says he plans to return in the fall to resume coaching the school’s softball team.

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  • bjertbjaeger

    Let’s see, so far we’ve seen a drunken principal lying in his own vomit at a Hawkete game, and a crack smoking coach, who absent any announcement from the school district will keep his job even.

    But we tried to put a dying man in prison because he used cannabis to treat his cancer.

    Welcome to Iowa. What a forked up state.

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