Dr. King’s Niece Speaks At North High

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DES MOINES, Iowa–Dr. Martin Luther King Junior’s niece Dr. Alveda King spoke to students, families and community leaders Monday night at North High School, sending a message of unity and hope.

Alveda King said she was excited to speak with a large number of young people. She says her Uncle Dr. King preached non-violence is the way to get your message across and that way still prevails.

“Use your words, not weapons nothing to hurt, no fists, no screaming, but use your words to heal, and as young people learn how to communicate. I know things are going to be so much better for them,” says Dr. Alveda King.

Dr. Alveda King says if more people took the holiday as a day on instead of a day off and helped spread Dr. King’s message the world would be a better place.

“Racism can be eliminated if we can work for the same goal, letting people have productive, healthy lives, and you will have less problems. Communication is a message, love, forgiveness, that`s something that Martin Luther King Junior lived for and that`s the message that he left,” says Alveda King.

Other speakers at the event included the Interim Des Moines Police Chief and Des Moines Public Schools Superintendent.


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  • Fed UP

    I’ve heard her speak before and she has her priorities straight, never plays the race card and tells it like it is.

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