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Iowa Communications Network’s Ric Lumbard Spends Three Minutes in the Chair

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President Obama made broadband internet access the hot topic last week.

He chose Cedar Falls to lay out his new plan and to spark the debate over how much of a role the government should play in giving more people access to broadband.

For 25 years, Iowa has had its own communications network, one that's funded by taxpayers and operated by the state.

The man who oversees it, Ric Lumbard, spent Three Minutes in the Chair.

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  • John Smith

    Yes, and as I recall, Gov. Branstad fought the ICN every step of the way. The flat fact of the matter is, though, that the private sector was not meeting the state government’s projected data requirements, so some visionary state employees fought for the state to build its own network. You know, kind of exactly the same thing as the state owning its own buildings, vehicles, photocopiers, etc: There comes a point where it is in the best interest of the taxpayers to NOT provide a profit for private vendors on top of the actual cost of goods or services. Hence, local governments deciding to implement their own broadband delivery systems when the phone company or cable TV vendors don’t see enough profit margin in doing so.

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