North Dakota State Bison Fans Deserve to Hear this (Because they Probably Can’t Read)

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    • Patrick

      I agree… Andy Fales was genious with this. For NDSU fans to have missed the humor in it is sad. But the ongoing banter is Sooooooo entertaining!

  • Brian Deckert

    Best I have seen from a corn feed ditch fishing bull head eating Iowan yet. Tell the Hawk is to work on their game they will meet The BISON during our rebuilding year ya know the one after our 5th national championship in a row

    • John

      Brian…Please explain what a rebuilding year for a college football team is??? Every team loses about 30 players a year no matter what, the only difference that I would say for some teams (FBS Schools) is they lose there players to the NFL not just graduation like the FCS schools do. I see you’re already trying to come up with excuses on why you would lose to Iowa and it’s 2 years away!!! If I’m not mistaken didn’t NDSU lose to UNI this year and didn’t UNI lose to a horrible Iowa team this year???? Have fun with your JV titles, were all really impressed.

  • mike

    I know what is bugging Andy, That gerbil party he went to with his in-bread hillbilly cousins icky and sticky!! Frick and frack is money in the bank just like the fourth back to back title the Bison won!!! which is way different than BACK to MOUTH!!! North Dakota is so flat we can see an Idiot like you coming from 200 miles away!!! On my way to Frisco I ran in to your father-in-law and he told me there was two works you will never use in the same sentence, Welcome to ESPN and GAMEDAY!!! I am thinking that gerbil will make his was out after your team wins a title!!!

    • Sam Day

      “inbred” not “in bread”. Bread is something to put peanut butter on. Bred is, well, something different,

  • Bonnie

    What a jerk! If you didn’t care about them winning then why do you spend so much time and effort letting everyone know that you don’t care? Only makes you look like an idiot.

  • Diane Henry

    Nice one!!!!
    If NDSU fans are that busy trolling some sportscaster’s Twitter page to the point of this rant being necessary then they need to get a life or maybe figure out a way to petition for NDSU to join the big leagues. Honestly the only thing I knew about NDSU before they kicked ISU’s butts was that they had wins against KState and Minnesota. I get that ISU, Iowa and others have had their issues but, that brand of trolling on social media is obnoxious. People care more about the Hawkslayer bowl err sorry taxslayer bowl and ISU’s non-existant bowl than anything that happens in the smaller leagues. Join the big leagues and we will talk.

    • Greg

      Butt must still hurt after being spotted 14 points and couldn’t score any more after that. Go back and look at the FBS schools we have beaten? ISU, KS State, Colorado and Minnesota. Big leagues? Yes. We go to them. How many go to Fargo? 1. Minnesota did and got spanked in the FargoDome. No one else wants to go there because opposing fans get maybe 100 tickets vs 18900 Bison fans. So until 2016 when the Bison have to travels to the state below Minnesota better watch some tape. You will need all the help you can get!

      • John

        MN never went to the Fargodome, are you insane?? No FBS will ever travel to an FCS school. These are the stupid comments that the Bison fans make all the time and you have no idea what you’re talking about. Every FBS team you have beaten at the time is never been ranked above 60 at the time you played them, MN and ISU were ranked in 100’s when they played them, so congrats on beating the bottom feeders of actual College Football.

      • Jim

        John……. Your comment just reeks of either uninformed knowledge or jealousy!!! For your information at the time NDSU beat Kansas St., K-State was ranked 26th in the AP pole & one other pole had ranked them at 18th PLUS…….. they were the defending Big 12 champion the year before!!! Under Bill Snyder, K-State is, was, & always will be a Big 12 perennial power team that has the potential to challenge for a Big 12 championship most any year!!! I don’t recall the rankings that Kansas & Colorado State had at the time we beat them, but I suspect it was higher than 60th!!!

        Next time, at least put a few minutes into researching things out before you make comments like yours & make yourself sound like an idiot!!!!

      • John

        Jim…Thanks for your uninformed reply. Here are some FACTS for you that you can find on any sports website. NDSU beat a 3-9 Kansas team that year, NDSU beat a 4-8 Colorado State team that year, NDSU beat a 3-9 Gopher team and beat a 1-11 Gopher team. None of these teams are even close to be ranked in the top 60 since you have to have 6 wins to even get invited to a bowl game and 70 teams per year play in bowl games. K-State was a good win, but they were still not ranked in any poll, they lost over half there starters from the year before when they got destroyed in the bowl game they were in. They ended up 7-5 the year they lost NDSU, that’s only after having to beat a crappy Michigan team that only got invited because of the name Michigan. Is that enough research for you or is this to accurate for you Fargo people. If you’re trying to tell me there’s no difference than watching NDSU over a top 25 team in FBS all that tells me is that you don’t watch anything but NDSU.

      • John

        Jim… I forgot about 2-11 Iowa State. Yeah you guys really earn being ranked in any poll in the top 25 of FBS schools that consistently beat FBS schools with winning records every week and not just once a year. Give me a break! You’re the exact reason for the above video.

      • Jim

        John……. I’m only taking issue with YOUR exact words my friend!! Here they are to refresh your memory; “Every FBS team you have beaten at the time is never been ranked above 60 at the time you played them, MN and ISU were ranked in 100’s when they played them, so congrats on beating the bottom feeders of actual College Football.” And I ONLY pointed out that your facts were incorrect, when you said “Every FBS team you have beaten at the time is never been ranked above 60 at the time you played them.” So your not only incorrect but your wrong!!! Just live with that & move on!!! But you want to blame ALL us NDSU Bison fans for blowing up a twitter account and speaking up in support of our team!!! But would would you do any less in support of your favorite Iowa team??? I doubt it!!! If the role was reversed like it was in 2009 when Iowa State beat NDSU pretty handily (34-17), I bet you’d be touting ISU’s accomplishments & how those little FCS schools can’t run the FBS schools etc, etc!! But when we come down there & beat your upper level team, in your stadium & get a payday to boot………. Boy that sure stings ur butt don’t it??

      • John

        Jim… You are WRONG on everything you wrote. 1st I am not an Iowa fan so I’m not sure where you got that from, it must have been the same article that had K-State ranked when you played them, which they were NOT, that’s a FACT, look it up. I think I have proven that the other FBS opponents were not even close to being ranked in the top 60 and probably not even in the top 90. If want to say that K-State was a top 60 when you played them go right ahead but what should matter what they ended up being ranked that year, which was NOT in the top 60 since they barely made a bowl game and played Michigan which barely made a bowl, since there’s around 70 teams that make bowl games that tells me that they were somewhere around 60-70. It must hurt to get proven wrong time and time again, but maybe next time look up some FACTS before you start making up rankings on teams to try make an FCS team seem more important to College Football than they are, which for the most part is just another league so the little guys can play for a championship too. If you want to play with the big boys all the time why don’t you just come up to FBS or are you afraid of what might happen having to play top 60 teams ever???
        Didn’t NDSU lose to a team in Iowa this year???? Have a nice day. Please do some research before you reply next time.

      • John

        Jim…Here’s a couple more FACTS you seem to get WRONG too!! Per your quote “Under Bill Snyder, K-State is, was, & always will be a Big 12 perennial power team that has the potential to challenge for a Big 12 championship most any year!!!
        04′ they were 4-7, 05′ they were 5-6, 10′ they were 7-5, 11′ they were 10-3, 12′ they were 11-2 and in 13′ they were 8-5. I’m not sure what your definition of perennial is but that would explain a lot if you think these records were impressive enough to be called perennial unless you were talking about not being a Big 12 power. I’m leaving out 06 thru 08 because he was not the head coach but they were his players and those records were: 06′ 7-6, 07′ 5-7 & 08′ 5-7. Please Please get your facts straight when you want to talk about actual College Football otherwise you just sound like a complete idiot!!!

    • Matt Barclay

      I feel like Andy drives a electric powered prius that’s why he doesn’t like north Dakota cause he don’t need any oil! Best state in the U S of A

  • Scott

    Funny, since he is an Iowa State fan and NDSU has as many wins against Big 12 opponents as Iowa State does: 2. The thing is, NDSU played 2 Big 12 opponents, wheras ISU played 18.

  • Michele

    North Dakota is very proud of our college football team. Its unfortunate that you have to be so negative about something so positive! But guess what – doesn’t effect our pride!!

  • carol anderson

    I find your comments offensive and in poor taste. Since I’ve never heard of you I’m guessing that’s party of what’s bugging Andy. And a lack of originality, talent, and real subject matter, but I don’t want to hurt that fragile ego of yours.
    Small minded people often suffer similar fates.

    Who is Andy and why do I care?

  • Fargo Joe

    Every single NDSU fan who comes to bash someone isn’t even in their region needs to get a life. For real. You guys act like a bunch of rabid dogs that haven’t had anything to eat I’m days. News flash! Bison will never beat a top 50 team in the nation because they are just outclassed. What the bison done is impressive and I’m happy as can be as a fan, but you all need to get a life because this man is speaking it like it is. The teams Iowa and Iowa state had to face were far superior to any team the bison faced. Get off your pedistal and realize that they are the best in football like the the championship aaa baseball team, whomever that may be.

    • Gophersfan285

      You do realize after their 2013 championship win they were 29th in the nation out of all the classes of Division I football so they have already been a top 50 team! Might wanna know your facts next time..

      • Jim Bird

        Spot on Gophersfan……… SPOT ON!!!! Not to mention, wasn’t Kansas St. ranked something like 12th in the nation preseason when we BEST them??? So YES FargoJoe,…….. Know your FACTS before you make a bold statement like that!!!

      • John

        All it takes to be ranked in the poll that you say they were ranked number 29 is that one writer out of 69 gives them a vote, which means they got one vote, probably from somebody in Fargo. The actual rankings, which you guys have no idea about apparently would never have an FCS team ranked in the top 100. To Jim Bird: Kansas State was not even in the top 50 when they played, they had got they’re butts kicked at the end of the year before in they’re last 2 games and then lost 9 defensive starters the next year before NDSU played them, if it wasn’t for them beating a pathetic Michigan team in bowl game they would have been a 500 team that year. Some would even say K-State gave that game away, even with having over half there team gone from the year before. So please get YOUR facts straight before you start talking about ACTUAL college football and not D-2 football because there’s a pretty big difference.

  • Mike the Bison fan.

    I live in West Fargo, I am a big Bison (Bizon), fan and loved it! Andy, you had me laughing out loud! Just one question, do the Hawkeyes get the players that were passed over by UNI?

  • Ann

    Commentary like this is why kids are the way they are today and then we complain about them. Andy and the other sports announcers (because they don’t deserve any other title) from WHO is why we watch KCCI. Disrespectful, ugly personalities, and too many personal opinions during their portion of the newscast instead of actual reporting on what is going on in the sports world happens on WHO. #EPICFAIL

      • Bubs

        You are the man Andy! I hope UND can win the FCS one year but I guarantee you that Sioux fans will be much more humble and not ignorant. Sorry Bison football fans but your basketball team brought NDSU more notoriety to your school than every FCS championship combined. More people viewed the two big dance games in the country than the 4 seasons of games combined.

  • Tyler

    This guy is a joke. The Bison are a class act team. Way to report. Talking out the side of his mouth. Like Dan Patrick said about this guy “who” a nobody.

  • bjertbjaeger

    People from North Dakota apparently aren’t aware that the rest of the country knows what a complete joke the state is.

    Been fun watching the prisons fill up with pipeline workers, ground water contaminated all over the place, chemical spills, North Dakota will be the first state in history to be declared a toxic waste dump soon enough.

  • Mike

    Love your stuff Andy! I’m from ND, a huge Bison fan, and graduate of NDSU. You will have to excuse some of the rude comments below. A lot of people from North Dakota are a rather proud and simple folk…

  • Charlie

    I live in Fargo, where ndsu’s main campus is located, and this reflects my sentiments exactly. I’m so sick of having this team shoved down my throat everywhere I turn. If you’re not a mindless bison worshipper you’re looked down upon like some sort of pariah around here. If they win one more “championship” I may have to move, probably to a deserted island somewhere with no modern amenities just to minimize any chance of ever hearing about this over hyped team again.

    • BisonFanInAL

      Charlie, I’m an NDSU grad that currently lives in Alabama. I love the pride that Fargo has in the Bison football team and if you think it’s really getting “shoved down your throat” so bad, why don’t you spend a day down here in SEC country. People literally greet me with “roll tide” or “war eagle” on a daily basis. Football is a part of American culture and if you can’t get over seeing football billboards and team merchandise anywhere you go then maybe you really do need to leave to your deserted island.

    • Andy ' Mom

      Yeah ok, Derpy McDerperson. How many teams are there? 60 or so? Bemidji State, Ferris St, quinnipiac, holy cross, ….that’s what REAL division 1 programs are called!

      • Bubs

        Wisconsin , Minnesota, Michigan , Denver , UNO, Harvard, Boston college are not real division 1. You are calling many of your fellow FCS members and FBS members not real division 1? Get educated . You should have went to a real college like UND where showing up to class doesn’t automatically give you a degree. You make ND look dumb with comments like bring on Bama

    • td

      Haha! You sioux (or whatever your called these days) used to care a lot about football when you were winning at the D-2 level, now you don’t like to talk about that sport so much! hehe – funny how that works!

  • Bob

    Everyone needs to take a step back and realize that this segment is strictly for entertainment. Thought was hilarious

  • Brandon

    It’s hilarious how Andy is getting under their skin. It’s even more funny that it’s working and Bison fans don’t realize it.

  • Grant Stich

    All you ndsu fans just shut up… Nobody outside of your town cares about your 4th straight JV college football championship. The sooner you realize that the sooner stuff like this will stop being thrown at you obnoxious fans. And BTW it’s pretty sad game day coming to town is the high light of your year… Teams like FSU and OSU and USC don’t get so hyped about game day coming cause… Well cause they’ve got more than just a jv team and they’ve won the REAL college football championship before. Don’t hate bison nation. Just realize and accept your just JV champs

      • Grant Stich

        What’s to talk about bro? How your going to kill bama next year? Or take on Oregons 16 second between snaps offense and totally dominate them? Didn’t think so. Your defense would still be laying on the ground by the time Oregon would be set to snap the ball

      • Jim Bird

        Ummm…… Yeah ok Grant!!! I’ll admit that we are not in the same league as Alabama, Oregon, LED, Ohio State, etc & your right, we’d probably get our assets handed to us!!! But let me ask you this,……..just how do you think either of your Iowa teams would far against those teams??? Because my guess is NOT ONE BUT BETTER my friend!! So let’s not start THIS argument unless YOU have a team that can rival or compete with these aforementioned teams!!! Coz otherwise…….. You just look like an idiot!!!!

  • Jim Bird

    Hello guys,
    Yes I’m an NDSU Bison Fan & I go to all the home games!! But then I’m in a wheelchair & don’t have much else to keep me entertained. But what I’m MOST curious about!!! Is how you guys got a hold of MY picture with former NDSU Coach Craig Bowl, and used it in the you second video about the Bison AFTER we beat Iowa State in Ames, IA??? The picture is of Coach Bowl holding a championship trophy, however the rest of the picture is of me & my girl friend & the picture was taken on my cell phone & (as far as I know), ONLY appears on mine & my girl friends Facebook pages!!! I can gladly furnish the original as proof of that!!!

  • Lindsey

    I am a former Iowegian transplanted to Fargo and an NDSU Bison fan. I could NOT stop laughing…maybe because my brain is frozen, but whatever…details. Some people don’t have much of a sense of humor, but I found this absolutely hilarious. I’m sure we’ll be bugging you again soon :-) Go Bison!

  • Woodstock

    Andy, Thank you for saying what many North Dakota natives have wanted to say all along – get over yourselves Bison fans! Thanks for the great laugh!

  • Joe

    Try beating a Big 12 team, or any D1 team for that matter. Beating Illinois St. Shouldn’t be an accomplishment

  • Jonathan

    Why compare Division I-AA to Division I? It’s not apples to apples. Your argument (more like a childish putdown) against NDSU (and UNI) is based solely on the fact that they are not Iowa (fails every year) or Iowa State (fails harder every year). Those two teams are bottom-of-the-barrel against teams in their leagues (leagues that can’t count how many teams they have). I’d put money on NDSU (or any North Dakota high school team) beating Iowa and Iowa State. Heck, they could even combine teams (questionable academic eligibility and criminal rap sheets transfer the same). UNI has offered excellent football and basketball programs over the last decade compared to your failure teams, and your little defense of thy holy state schools (whiny diatribe because words are all you have) is a slap in the face to a state school sporting purple and gold that deserves praise and attention much more than the perennial disappointment that comes when gold is paired with black or cardinal. Pick on someone your own size (not counting your overcompensation) and focus on winning instead of standing on the sidelines while everyone else is doing well.

    • whalley2

      Just for the record, since I didn’t state it outright in my comment, I fully understand satire and I am in no way defending NDSU as I am a full-fledged UNI Panther. Andy’s “satire” is really just someone complaining they didn’t make the olympics and then going after the winner of the special olympics. His teams are terrible so he has to go after the best team his teams will never play. That’s not satire. That’s just whining.

  • Shannon

    Andy, My apologies for the North Dakotans who don’t understand satire! I know you are a true Bison at heart. You’re welcome to come up here for a game next fall and tailgate with Bison Nation. Or not. ;-) Go Bison!

  • Mike

    Couldn’t you say the same about Andy? working for a local station instead of ESPN or another major network. He should know all about being a big fish in a small pond.

  • Jerry

    I love this guy, course how tough is it to get a Sportcaster job in Ames, probably the only one who’ll take it! You really only need 5 words to do sports in Ames, “And the Cyclones lose again!”

  • KT

    You are a very crude man! This was not funny! Joking about an entire state’s intelligence is why people think that the Dakotans are stupid and only care about farming! Grow a pair and stop compromising for obvious size issue.


    Nothing says “I don’t care” like dedicating a three minute spot to the object that you don’t care about! If they don’t play real football, and they whooped I State, what sport does I State play?

  • Lisa

    I’m from North Dakota and I thought this was really funny! Of course I did get my degree from UND! Maybe we have a better sense of humor.


    K-State isn’t a Big XII power?
    I think you know that Bill Snyder and the Wildcats continue to beat the Cyclones and we (YOU INCLUDED) know that they could put a total butt kicking on the Hawkeyes. Oh and check to see who owns the Texas vs. KSU rivalry. Most would admit that Texas is good. Most sports writers do. I believe a NDSU victory over Snyder and the Cats is very impressive. NDSU is an excellent program with a fanbase that is far more loyal than any Iowa school. I make that comment about fan loyalty with the greatest respect for ISU and their fans. The Clones are a great bunch! I know the Big 10 has only two schools so I can understand why you’d think a 9-3 season isn’t impressive; in more competitive conferences a 9-3 season demonstrates that your school is in the hunt for a title. Say it, “Bill Snyder is the state of Iowa’s Daddy.” Coach Snyder was the OC for Hayden Fry when the Hawkeyes actually mattered. He is your Pa! NDSU fans, you should be proud. The Bison did in fact beat a powerhouse when they walked into Bill Snyder Stadium and pulled off a victory, congratulations. Real Football fans know the significane of four National Championships at any level of play.
    Again, nothing against Iowa State. GREAT victory over KU and nice win over our the Cats last night.

    • John

      EWAW_GO_KSU… Who are you talking too and what are you talking about??? If you think K-State is a Big 12 power than you are just as idiotic as the NDSU fans that think there team can compete in FBS because of the FBS teams they have barely beat when those teams completely stunk when they played them. 9-3 would be a good record if K-State got that every year but they don’t, look back over the last ten years and K-State has far more years under or around .500 then they do anywhere near 9-3. Before you talk bad about the Big 10, Who’s national champs this year??? Who can compete every year for a national championship?? The Big 12 has Baylor and TCU, that’s it, so until you guys man up and add a couple teams so you can have a conference championship, like the other power 5’s I wouldn’t be talking about how bad ANY other conference is. The Big 12 only plays 3 games out of conference games and one of those is an FCS team you will probably lose too. To get back to your point on being 9-3, Nebraska has been 9-3 the last 3 years and they fired there coach, that is what is expected of Powerhouses, not what K-state is doing!!! Real College Football fans do realize that being a 4-time champ in JV football is only impressive in the city you play in and to the teams they beat so they can say that they lost to a good team when in reality an FBS powerhouse should NEVER lose to an FCS school.

  • Mel

    I went to college in ND. All I am going to say is that maybe you need to read about the meteorologist that go shot outside the station he works at in Waco, TX. Some information to consider.

  • Mel

    I went to college in ND. All I am going to say is that maybe you need to read about the meteorologist that got shot outside the station he works at in Waco, TX. Some information to consider.

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