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Robbery Leads to Car and Foot Chase, Police Still Looking for Suspect

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Des Moines police say a man was assaulted and robbed at a McDonald's this morning. The three teenage suspects took off from 3610 Merle Hay Rd in a black Infiniti around 9:21 AM.

Less than ten minutes later, an officer spotted the suspect’s car and the chase was on. One of the teens bailed out of the car in the 6100 block of Hickman Rd. Another suspect made it to 62nd St. and Northwest Drive on foot.

“They were chasing somebody through the yard and they were yelling for him to get down,” said Matt Adcock.

The alleged robber ran through Adcock’s yard with police on his tail. Officers managed to corner him and take him into custody without incident.

A 16-year-old Waukee teen and 18-year-old Jess Goba of Johnston were arrested. Both are charged with Second Degree Robbery and Interference.

“He seemed pretty subdued trying to state his case, but he wasn't making a whole lot of sense,” said Adcock.

The third suspect was driving the get away car. Police are still looking for the man believed to be in his late teens.

They were able to return the stolen wallet to its rightful owner.


  • Matthew

    Where did self pride and dignity go? Are half the parents out there not teaching their children that stealing is wrong or are they too lazy to parent responsibly? Work and earn what you need in life!! Throw the book at these thugs and make an example of them!! I’m sick of having to look over my shoulder just going out in public, that’s why I carry a concealed weapon. If more responsible gun owners would carry, then thugs would think twice about attempting this act.

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