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Three Suspects Rob Car Outside McDonald’s, Lead Officers on Chase

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A car was stolen outside a McDonald's in Des Moines Monday, January 19, 2015 (Randy Schumacher/WHO-HD)

A car was stolen outside a McDonald’s in Des Moines Monday, January 19, 2015 (Randy Schumacher/WHO-HD)

DES MOINES, Iowa – Two suspects have been arrested and police are canvassing for a third after a robbery in Des Moines, Monday morning.

Police say three suspects attempted to rob someone at McDonald’s on Merle Hay Road. They then led officers on a short chase. The suspects ditched the car on 62nd and Franklin Avenue and fled on foot.

Two of the suspects were apprehended. Officers are canvassing the area for a third suspect.

There’s no word on the suspects’ names or any charges they may face.


  • marcopolish

    Channel 8 names the perps and the victim, but does not mention that they stole the car. Channel 13 mentions that they stole the car, but doesn’t mention the victims name or the perps names. What does this mean?

    • Marcus

      I was there and actually followed the suspects while on the phone with police. They didn’t steal the car, one of the kids jumped out of the car they were driving and robbed a guy getting out if his car.

    • Potsie Weber

      WHO or KCCI. Neither would know journalism if it were to walk up and slap ’em. Neither give you a complete story – both give you the finest mindset of a second grade education. Even Jethro Bodine graduated the sixth grade!

  • Matthew

    Where did self pride and dignity go? Are half the parents out there not teaching their children that stealing is wrong or are they too lazy to parent responsibly? Work and earn what you need in life!! Throw the book at these thugs and make an example of them!! I’m sick of having to look over my shoulder just going out in public, that’s why I carry a concealed weapon. If more responsible gun owners would carry, then thugs would think twice about attempting this act.

    • marcopolish

      We and you might be better served if, instead of concealing you just focus on the carry and show people from the gitgo you are packing. Seems like that would be better prevention still.

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