Business Executive Charged with Kidnapping Over Crack Cocaine

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- A well-known local businessman is free on bond Tuesday after being charged with kidnapping.  His alleged victim says the whole ordeal is over crack cocaine. We are not revealing the identity of the alleged victim because he says he fears for his life.

The alleged victim of a Monday night kidnapping is as terrified now as he was when he was being held at gunpoint. That's because the man accused of kidnapping him is already out of jail.  The ordeal began at around 5:30 Monday evening when the 19-year-old says he was waiting in his car for his girlfriend to come out of her east side house. That's when he says the kidnapper knocked on his window.  "He told me to get down and then he showed me the gun so I was scared for my life so I just get down," he says.

From there he says he was ordered to get into the kidnapper's truck.  "He told me that he want some drugs and he asked me if I sold some so I told him 'no'. Because I don't do that. And he told me that he need some right away,"  the victim says,  "He told me that he was gonna, he wasn't gonna let me go until he gets what he wants. Drugs. And he was not gonna let me go. If he couldn't find any he was gonna take me all the way to Omaha. He showed me the gun like this and he told me 'do you know what can happen if you run?' And he was showing me the gun like this so I was really scared that time."

So the victim, speaking in Spanish, says he made some calls pretending to look for drugs.  But he was really looking for help.  "Since he didn't speak Spanish at all he couldn't understand what I was saying so I took advantage of that and I was talking to people to see if they can help me out."

After nearly two hours of being held by the kidnapper, his girlfriend's mother called him and he explained to her what was happening.  "Right then and there my mom started screaming because she told me that some guy was holding a gun at his head. And that they took him. And right then and there I just called 911. The operator kept telling me I can't understand you. Calm down. I need to understand you," the victim's girlfriend says,  "I just, I was dying inside. I didn't know what was going to happen."

Based on what the victim was saying, police were able to find him and the alleged kidnapper at the Walgreens near the corner of Douglas and Beaver Avenues. Mark Allen Hanrahan, 45, is charged with kidnapping. According to his online profile, he is a top-level executive at Principal Financial Group.  Hanrahan lives in a half-million dollar Urbandale home. We tried knocking on the door but there was no answer.

Police say it's not clear why Hanrahan targeted the victim.  "Why the suspect chose the victim we don't really know," Sgt. Jason Halifax with the Des Moines Police Department says, "Just saw him on the street. We don't really know why that is."

The alleged victim says he doesn't know either. What he does know, is with Hanrahan out of jail, he's terrified for his life and the lives of his family.  "He should be in jail because probably he can do the same thing to another person and probably this time he can kill the person," the alleged victim says,  "I think he's a really dangerous person."


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        Your chosen monicker tells us all we need to know about you, Ditthead stalker.
        Run along now, you get yourself to beddy bye, and Rush will be on before you know it, “MARCO”.

      • John Smith

        Yes, Ditthead “MARCO”, on the internet, anyone can be anything they want, just by saying it.

        Talk about “true colors”.

      • John Smith

        Thank you, exactly. A number of unanswered questions, here. Another one: Photo of suspect looks like he hasn’t shaved for several days. Doesn’t seem in character for his reported position, not at all. I’m not at all certain where is story will end up.

  • Curious

    Why is this guy able to bond out so easy? Seems like a pretty low bond for that kind of crime. He’s probably already stoned again. Hope there isn’t a next victim while he’s waiting for a trial.

    Hope the poor kid who was kidnapped will be OK.

  • The Phantom

    After reading the comments above with the article we know 3 things:
    1) Aaron Brilbeck cannot write or was very tired when he wrote this.
    2) John Smith is an idiot (try writing a post without using the term Ditto head), Rush L is not the voice of the RNC that was 20 years ago.
    3) Comments cannot be posted on this site without someone trolling to link it to politics in some way.
    I think there is a lot more to the story then what we know now. I hope Aaron gets some sleep before he does any updates to the story.

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      And, apparently we’ve learned “THE PHANTOM” and “MARCOPOLISH” are different monickers used by the same dimwit internet stalker.

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  • Torquemada

    Sounds like Mr. Hanrahan may be a paranoid schizophrenic. Not sure how a $500k home plays into the relevance of this mans mental state but… Clearly they should have performed a proper psychological evaluation before allowing this man to post bond. As to the author of this article… WOW. According to his online profile, really? If its on your online profile it must be true.

  • AxelFoleyDsm

    I not sure he lives in a $500,000 home in Urbandale..Mark A Hanrahan Sw12th valued $100,000 bought lil over a yr ago for $50,000. If that was his pic @ Principle he sure looks different aged grey and depressed looking.

  • Ben

    It is amazing the information you can find when you get of the internet and head to county courthouse:
    1. the 19 yr old “victims” name is Omar Limon-Mariscal
    from what I found, it seems that this was not a random “kid-napping”

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