Iowans React To Sen. Ernst Rebuttal

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CLIVE, Iowa--Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst made history again Tuesday night when she delivered the rebuttal to the State of the Union Address.

“I`d like to have a conversation about the new Republican Congress you just elected, and how we plan to make Washington focus on your concerns again. We heard the message you sent in November loud and clear and now we`re getting to work to change the direction Washington has been taking our country,” said Sen. Ernst.

Ernst wasted no time talking about what Republicans have dubbed a failed health care system under President Obama.

She also spoke about taking down trade barriers in Europe and the Pacific so Americans can sell more of the goods made on our own soil.

She says that will lead to more jobs and higher wages.

The Republican Party of Polk County met to watch Sen. Ernst’s rebuttal Tuesday evening.

Those in attendance say Ernst is bringing new life to the Republican Party.

“I like the fact that she’s getting the national spotlight and able to give the whole message out to the whole nation. She talks about the opportunities we will have as a republican and as a woman is very endearing,” says Polk County Republican Party Co-Chair Sherill Whisenand.

The Polk County Republican Chair agreed saying, “It was very exciting. Sen. Ernst was able to give a really positive message about the Republican’s agenda in Washington D.C. and how we’re changing the course of the country and sending things in the right direction,” says Will Rogers.

Ernst also spoke about her childhood and growing up in Red Oak as well as her time spent serving in the Iowa National Guard.




  • John Smith

    The Republicans we found to talk to thought she was great. Wow, WHO-TV, now that’s some prime-time reporting!

    Meanwhile, NBC’s coverage switched to Marco Rubio the instant Senator Ernst was finished speaking. I reckon they missed some real important reactions from Polk County Republicans.

  • Tim Robins

    It isn’t really “Iowans react to Sen. Ernst rebuttal” if the only Iowan quoted is the Republican Party of Polk County. I really doubt it makes much sense for them to say “wow, Joni’s awful. She starts by saying she’s not going to respond to the speech Obama gave. Mind you, the POTUS just finished his speech by saying let’s be less divided and work to have conversations instead of hatred. To me, it feels like this is a divisive speech as the purpose of the response is to be exactly that, a response to the State of the Union.

    Also, it should be noted that the supposed mandate comes from the an election that had the lowest turnout since 1940. Not really a mandate for change. More apathy and a bunch of people not realizing how much their vote truly counts.

    • John Smith

      Seriously, even if you count the entire group of Polk County Republicans at this particular event in Clive, that seems like an awfully small subset of “Iowans” to justify the headline, doesn’t it? Kind of like “Choir Says Preacher Gave Great Sermon”.

    • Deb

      It appears she wants to take her bread bag story to her grave. Iowans should expect getting a lot of help for the poor from Joni! We heard her loud and clear!

  • Clyde

    It makes a person wonder why the Repubican’s had a new Senator do the speach. Trying to make her fall on her face maybe? Who knows. But give the woman a chance. She was elected fair and square and we’ve all put up with Obama.
    I for one, realize now why the health insurance people donated so much to get Obama elected. He just turned them loose on the public. My insurance was cancelled and now they want 50 to 60 percent more. I’m sorry but $ 6.00 an hour just to pay health insurance for me and my wife seems a little high.

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