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McCaffery Defends Woodbury, Blasts Dakich

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Wednesday night on Hawk Talk, Iowa Head Coach Fran McCaffery defended Adam Woodbury. ESPN broadcaster Dan Dakich called Woodbury "gutless" and a "coward" after Woodbury poked two Wisconsin Badgers in the eye Tuesday night.

Woodbury says it was an accident. Dakich doesn't buy it.

(Video courtesy of ESPN)




  • marcopolish

    Yet there is another side to this…the second poke by Woodbury, the guy needs to be asked, and should have to answer, what it would do to HIS game if he got a scratched cornea or something worse like that, because if he keeps this bad habit up and someone else gets poked, people are going to start defending back with their own hands in his face, just like they do in baseball when a pitcher starts beaning; just saying. So he maybe better speak up for himself instead of letting his coach front run it, it’s not the same thing as him actually saying for himself it was not intentional and he doesn’t want it to happen.

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