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Des Moines Store Fined $50K for Selling Synthetic Drugs

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shop n save

DES MOINES, Iowa – A Des Moines store has been barred from selling synthetic marijuana and the owners have been ordered to pay a $50,000 penalty by a Polk County judge.

Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller made the announcement Thursday. The case stems from a first-of-its-kind lawsuit.

Shop N Save, owned by Sarbpreet Singh and Sandeep Kaur located at 4685 NW 2nd Street, was accused of violating the Iowa Drug, Device, and Cosmetic Act and the Iowa Consumer Fraud Act.

Police found an estimated 960 packages of synthetic substances during an undercover investigation which were labeled bath salts, plant food, and metal polish.

Despite the labels, Miller alleged the substances were marketed and sold to consumers for the specific purpose of being used as a drug.

DCI tested the products and found they were coated with tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical found in marijuana.

“This is the result we had hoped for,” Miller said.  “We took these poisonous products off this store’s shelves, they won’t ever return, and the hefty penalty sends a strong message about selling synthetic drugs.”


  • Clyde

    So let me get the scoop on this…. metal polish has pot oil in it, so it’s illegal and big fine….. ok this leads to another question.. did the owners who were selling these products know anything about pot or ingredients found in pot? I’m kinda lost on this story a little bit.

    • bjertbjaeger

      Alcohol meets the criteria to be a Schedule I narcotic, it’s Iowa’s most deadly costly drug, but you won’t find that on any booze label, so should we go after people selling a dangerous narcotic that is falsely labeled?

    • Dan

      This is done through out Iowa, at many small gas stations and convenient stores. AJs liquor in Ames. The gas station in Cambridge. It’s unbelievable how many gas stations are still selling these upon request of the customer, as they are never on shelves, always under register or in back room. Not just this store. The owners are well aware of what they are selling, with the fake product labels being used. That is their cover for instances like this, luckily the sting saw through this. These synthetic drugs are dangerous and deadly, shame on these stores of making the product available when they know they have caused the death of several young adults in the state of Iowa. They deserve more than a slap on the wrist.

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