Generous Retirement Deal Offered to Univ. of Iowa President

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University of Iowa president Sally Mason. (WHO-HD)

University of Iowa president Sally Mason. (WHO-HD)

IOWA CITY, Iowa — The state Board of Regents has approved a retirement deal for university president Sally Mason.

It includes a provision that was part of her original contract that expired in 2012. That provision allows her to stay employed as a faculty member with a salary equal to 60-percent of her salary as president. That works out to $315,000.

During Mason’s first year, she has no obligations and no teaching duties. In addition to the paycheck, Mason will also have an office and secretarial staff for the year.

Regents president Bruce Rastetter says these things were agreed to in Mason’s original contract.

“We’re really pleased with the outcome of being able to have that be very good for President Mason in terms of her announcement, her goals to finish out her term as president and our opportunity to hire a great new president as well,” says Rastetter.

Rastetter hopes the university will hire a new president by mid-September.


  • Hugo S LaVia

    As Berta would say on “Two and a Half Men,” — ‘I’d like some of that gravy spillin’ on my taters.’

  • Mark

    Why has Sally Mason gotten such a great salary and why is she going to be given such great retirement benefits? She has been a very mediocre leader, at best, and has not been a leader at all in more than several problems at the University of Iowa. I think she is a good example of how higher salaries don’t buy the best administrators, teachers, etc.

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