Study: iPhone Users are Smarter Than Android Users

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NEW YORK — Are you an iPhone user? Congratulations! You’re probably smarter than the Android owner sitting next to you.

A new study conducted by online advertising network Chitika found that states with more college graduates tend to also have higher iPhone sales.

Alaska (66%), Montana and Vermont have the largest percentage of iPhone users. New Mexico (41%), Iowa and Delaware have the lowest share of iPhone sales per capita.

Notably, Chitika found that increased wealth is also linked to greater iPhone sales — but since college degrees also correlate with higher incomes, Chitika says those results are redundant.

Other studies have found similar results. Rich, white males tend to buy more iPhones, particularly in the first weeks that they go on sale.

In the first month of sales, nearly 80% of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus buyers in the United States were male, and more than 60% made over $75,000 a year, according to Slice, a company that tracks consumer purchases.

The study also notes that iPhone sales correlate to population density. The more densely populated the state, the greater the chance that iPhone sales will be higher in that state.

On a whole, Google’s Android sales are significantly higher than Apple’s sales, but the iPhone remains the single most popular smartphone in the United States. More than 42% of U.S. smartphones are iPhones, according to comScore. Runner-up Samsung commands 28% of the U.S. market.

Yet it’s important to take Chitika’s results with a grain of salt. Even Chitika admits that its results “are not comprehensive.” Because the company focused on states and not smaller regions, such as cities or neighborhoods, the results lack “a great deal of granularity.”

Here’s the state-by-state breakdown, according to Chitika.

Alaska: 65.5% Montana: 60.1% Vermont: 59.4% Hawaii: 58.7% Mississippi: 58.7% Connecticut: 58.1% Massachusetts: 56.6% New York: 56.2% Kansas: 55.6% New Jersey: 55.3% California: 53.3% Louisiana: 53.3% South Dakota: 52.9% West Virginia: 52.4% New Hampshire: 52.1% Rhode Island: 52% Illinois: 51.5% Georgia: 50.8% Idaho: 50.8% Kentucky: 50.5% Nevada: 50.5% Arkansas: 50.4% Maine: 50% Virginia: 50% Oregon: 49.7% Pennsylvania: 49.5% Wyoming: 49.5% Nebraska: 49% Utah: 49% North Dakota: 48.5% Colorado: 48.3% Minnesota: 48.3% Tennessee: 48.0% Maryland: 47.8% South Carolina: 47.2% Alabama: 47.1% Ohio: 46.3% North Carolina: 46.2% Florida: 45.8% Oklahoma: 45.1% Texas: 44.9% Arizona: 44.6% Indiana: 44.6% Michigan: 43.8% Missouri: 43.6% Washington: 43.6% Wisconsin: 43.1% Delaware: 42.2% Iowa: 42.1% New Mexico: 40.5%


    • Larry

      I agree overpriced than they don’t want it, I should know I used to work at a Apple store and had a android still 65% Apple Store employees don’t even have a iPhone so ya Apple users are stupid

  • Larry

    Bs!! That’s why androids you can do more and custom with apple restricts?? So who’s the stupid one?? Apple users gee a shiny stupid Apple logo on the back uhh stuuuupid

  • skay1977

    This is offensive for us Android users! Not that I don’t like Apple products as I own an iPad Mini, but my decision to purchase the Galaxy s5 was based on the fact that 1) it was less expensive and 2) most Android phones have a micro SD card allowing for more storage capacity. My daughter has an iphone and is constantly running out of storage so she has to delete stuff. I have a 64gb micro sd card so I never have to worry about that! Anyone want to explain how that’s is a sign of lower intelligence?? I happen to value the money I earn and make every attempt to get the best bang for my buck!

  • IOU812

    Apple smarter?? Don’t think so!! Chinese made? And over priced can’t do much with it and apples restrictions needs a jailbreak to somewhat customize it?? And long wait times to get the junk?? Nope stupid Apple users glad I’m not stupid anymore I went android two years and that was SMART!! Samsung note 4 and sony Experia Z3 and bench tested faster than apples iPhone 6 plus cpu speeds

  • Matthew Juhl

    the point this article was trying to prove is stupid. A phone does not simply make you smarter. A huge thing Android user miss out on is the fact that some people PREFER their iPhone. I’m not a hipster loser. I like the fact that my phone doesn’t glitch, get viruses, and that when a feature is released it fully works. I worked in cell phone sales for neary two years and we had problems with Android/Samsung phones daily but hardly ever had a problem with iPhones. Not to mention high end Android phones aren’t exactly cheap either.

    • IOU812

      Explain apples glitchy ios 8 and update after updates Apple rools out and still don’t get it right!! I work next door at a Apple store and I see and hear Apple customers complain on there overpriced iPhone issues so get your facts right there Matt

    • IOU812

      Along with there stupid lines every year and guess what a lot of them return them too Apple braggs on sales but don’t admit how many get returned do they? Samsung is in the lead admit it!!!!! Apple is slacking ohhh a bigger screen so what androids had that for years all the $$ Apple makes and no concern for the buyer and you know that there Mathew juhl so don’t forget to line up next time on a iPhone launch and my store will be sure to push you away from our doors blocking my customers keep that in mind be waiting for ya!!

  • Matt

    I dont think that this is at all a sign of being more intelligent than an android user. Android users are generaly smarter, considering they (including myself) choose to buy a phone that doesnt need jailbroken, has a removable battery, sd card, and has better software. The average iphone user’s argument is that the camera is better, when in fact it is not at all. Not even close. The galaxy s5 has a 16 megapixel camera while the iPhone 6 has only 8. So why buy an overpriced phone from a terrible company when you could get “more bang for your buck” by buying a galaxy s5.

  • Matt

    I wonder if apple pays the media to do these articles to trick their own users into thinking this is true. Considering they bought an iphone, that wouldnt be hard to do.

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