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Photo Gallery: Iowa Freedom Summit

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DES MOINES, Iowa – Rep. Steve King hosted the Iowa Freedom Summit Saturday offering a glimpse into the race for the White House in 2016.

At least eight Republicans who have signaled an interest in running spoke including Gov. Chris Christie, Sen. Rick Santorum, Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. Rick Perry.

Sarah Palin and Donald Trump were also among the 28-odd speakers who made an appearance.


  • John Smith

    I wonder how many more days of “coverage” we can expect from WHO-TV News on this “event”? Is Dave Price going to have all the participants on his Sunday show? Or, just the ones with books for sale?

  • junior sales…ole hillary’s book ….hard choices did real well… cost ole simon and shuster a cool ten million…..

  • Sam

    Oh, Please Please, the Donald run, and Sarah and Ted and Huck – what a successful campaign it would be….I’m dreaming!!

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