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Gov. Branstad Hospitalized Overnight with Flu-Like Symptoms

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JOHNSTON, Iowa - Governor Terry Branstad was hospitalized overnight with flu-like symptoms after falling ill during a ribbon-cutting event at DuPont Pioneer in Johnston Monday.

A witness said the governor had been slurring his words during his remarks and then was in physical discomfort and moaning as staff assisted.

Police provided an escort as an ambulance took Branstad to Methodist Medical Center in Des Moines for treatment.

According to a statement released by Branstad’s office, the governor was kept overnight in the hospital “out of an abundance of caution.” He is being hydrated, and is resting comfortably.

The statement also said Branstad, 68, did receive a flu shot this fall.

Another statement, released shortly before 7:00  p.m. contained a comment from Mark Purtle, M.D., chief medical officer of UnityPoint Health-Des Moines.

“After personally reviewing the governor’s medical records, with his permission, and visiting with him and his attending physicians, we believe the governor has a viral illness with dehydration. We also conducted a series of tests in which we ruled out other contributing factors, including cardiac issues. The governor is still receiving fluids and is resting comfortably.”

Planned events for Tuesday have been canceled for Branstad and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds, while both “rest and recover from seasonal illnesses.”

Branstad, who later this year will become the nation's longest-serving governor, was sworn in for his sixth term on January 16.

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  • joe

    Gee thank you for staying home or at the Reynolds house while you are sick, not… So glad you feel the need to expose others to the flu..

  • joe

    The comment section on 8 must have been beatin ole Terrry up, I see they closed the comments on their

  • Hugo S LaVia

    He’s been slurring his words for a couple, three years. I thought it was Parkinson’s. I think this is the first public accounting of this elderly man’s health in quite a long time.

    • marcopolish

      Have noticed too and I’m sure you’re right. Speaks ironically for the front man aggressively in ag chemicals’ conquering vanguard, coming to the rescue of the pesticide and fertilizer runoffs from all the excess river contamination, which is exactly what causes the very high correlations between Parkinsons and residents in the upper ag-chemical-drenched rural Midwest, especially along the rivers cities use for drinking. And just as the research is fleshing out on the same correlation for the autism spectrum and cancer too…

  • bjertbjaeger

    Corrupt governor gets cold, tax payers forced to provide needlessly expensive hospital stay when he could have just went home and toughed it out like most honest hard working Iowans.

    Get cancer and use cannabis, tax payers forced to finance state sponsored persecution until the day you’re dead and then continue to persecute your family afterwards.

    What wonder values Iowa has. No wonder Westboro said they felt welcomed in Iowa.

  • John Smith

    I just watched the streamed press conference. Hopefully, another TV station predicted it would be a “talky” and therefore had the audio to go with the video.

  • T. Hatch

    Congratulations to the intellectual titan who thought it necessary to interrupt the end of Jeopardy with news of our beloved leader’s hospitalization. Waiting five minutes until the beginning of two and one half hours of “news” programming was not an option? Why are the commercials never interrupted? In today’s Final Jeopardy: What is a pretentious idiot, Alex?

    • bjertbjaeger

      We figured out you’re a fruitcake with a tinfoil hat. By the way, he didn’t have the flu, flu shots work against the flu, not random non-specified viruses. I haven;t had the flu for 5 years, since I started getting flu shots.

      People like you however will be responsible for polios return, you already got a good start on measles.

  • Helen

    Geez, my hubby has been sick since Friday. Difference is he couldn’t work and doesn’t get paid the big, bad gov. Don’t think you all want to know his symptoms………

  • Pam

    Shame on he and Reynolds for attending a function while sick. Have we not been told repeatedly by the State Heallth Dept to stay home if sick so as to not expose others. There are those of us with immune disorders and being exposed to the flu can be life-threatening. Stay home if sick! Pam

  • Hugo S LaVia

    WHO TV offers 2 1/2 hours of stimulating, intelligent programming a week. Jeopardy. Five if you count Jeopardy re-runs. WHO, along with all the other so-called liberal media, have been ignoring Brandstad’s Parkinson’s-like symptoms for years. But WHO (and only one other station) found it necessary to interrupt programming to cover a press conference that offered absolutely no new information about a guy with the flu. WHO did this right before the Jeopardy “final.” Jeopard is followed by an hour of WHO “news-lite” — where a couple, three people sit around and yammer like co-workers getting together in a bar to discuss the events of the day. Only the people who do this in a bar have an excuse to sound stupid: alcohol. Then WHO has ANOTHER half-hour of local news, where the non-informational press conference could have been played back in its entirety several times. So, thanks a heap, WHO, for cutting off Jeopardy with 3 minutes go to and going to a news conference about a guy with the flu. Now how about digging into those Parkinson’s-like symptoms?

  • Sena

    Is WHO going to issue an apology publicly for interrupting our programing with Branstad flu. Is this news? I had it as have many others. Are you running our of worthy stories?

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