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BaconMania VIII Takes Over Iowa Events Center

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DES MOINES, Iowa - What has quickly become one of central Iowa's most popular events wrapped up Saturday evening.

The Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival, also coined BaconMania VIII, was held Saturday at the Iowa Events Center after several years at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

The move doubled the capacity for the event, and boosted attendance from 12,000 tickets to nearly 18,000.

Bacon wasn't just available in strips as guests could had over 120 bacon inspired options to choose from.

Organizers said the reason the event has grown over each year is because it is always new and different.

"We sit around and 'baconstorm' as we like to call it. We sit around and just come up with ideas. We've got a couple more ideas that will be fun for years to come,” said Brooks Reynolds, CEO of the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival.

While the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival drew huge crowds, this was the first year tickets didn't sell out prior to the event.



  • JodyJ

    Did the Price to get in include all the free bacon stuff you could eat? If so? .. Then Looks like it would be worth going.

    • Dean

      Yes, you didn’t have to spend a dime for all the free bacon you could eat. You paid for specialty bacon items and beverages. The most efficiently run big event I or my friends have ever attended. And crazy, silly fun. Expected to stay 2 hours, stayed 6.

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