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Warning Issued About Polk County Phone Scam

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POLK COUNTY, Iowa — The Polk County Attorney and the Polk County Sheriff’s Office are warning people to be aware of a phone scam.

They say someone is calling people pretending to be a deputy with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. The caller tells the person they owe money for failing to appear for jury duty.

Officials say there is rarely a fine if you miss jury duty, and if you did owe, they wouldn’t collect by phone.

“We don’t operate that way. We don’t call people on the phone and ask them to pay money and to go get a credit card,” says John Sarcone, Polk County Attorney.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office learned about the scam when a man came to the courthouse with a PayPal receipt showing he had paid the fine.

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  • Jason M

    Let’s help people. If you get a call from someone you don’t know…don’t answer it. It IS a scam. Always. This is why you have Caller ID.

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