Watch this Video and You May Never Use a Shovel Again

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WEST VIRGINIA — Most Iowans spent Sunday watching the Super Bowl and shoveling snow after a major storm rolled through.

If you struggled with the heavy, wet snow you may benefit from seeing this.

A YouTube video of Joshua Jordan from West Virginia shows a genius way to clear your snow without using a shovel.

Jordan gets on his knees and starts clearing a path with his hands. In seconds he has a clear path.

Watch the amazing technique in the video player above.


  • Sue

    Seriously!? I hope this was put up here as comic relief! he is dealing with 2 inches of snow in his yard, where he can leave the ‘roll’ of snow. I was dealing with 12 inches, and 18-24 inch drifts. I can’t ‘roll’ that, and, even if I do, how am I going to get this roll of snow, that will be the size of a round hay bale, out of my driveway? I guess I could do like a lot of my inconsiderate neighbors and just put all of my snow in the street. that allows the snow plow to deposit in someone else’s driveway.

    • marcopolish

      Did you try it? How do you know if you didn’t try it? And as far as Iowans not being afraid to shovel snow, your dad died of a heart attack when he did it one time too many. Of course, your doctor would tell you that too. Are you too brave to see a doctor too? I say roll up the snow and go have a hotdog while you watch the game!

  • JodyJ

    This snow we got could Easily be “rolled” and not shoveled. Think I’ll go out and try it now. My dog needs a path in the yard. LoL

  • Aaron Foubert

    Come to Iowa and try that when the temperature is -below. Snow won’t pack. And here in Iowa,we’re not scared of back breaking work

    • marcopolish

      That’s the same kind of comment from River City that made Iowans good fodder for being conned, like in Music Man, which got Iowans down real accurately. “Beautiful day, isn’t it?” “Yeah, if you like the heat.” Whine whine whine.

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