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Listen to Audio: WI Governor Scott Walker Hosts Iowa Telephone Town Hall Meeting

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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (file photo)

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (file photo)

MADISON, Wisconsin- The Governor of the State of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, spoke with Iowans last week  in a telephone conference call about a possible run for President. Speaking from Madison Wisconsin he shared how he had been elected, survived a recall, and was re-elected amid opposition on a national level.

“They brought bodies and resources, threw everything they could,” said Walker. “Last year I was the number 1 target in America, they were afraid if I got elected again, it would show if that could happen there, it could happen anywhere.”

Late last month Governor Mitt Romney announced he would withdraw from Presidential consideration.  In his statement he mentioned some unknown candidate not yet known on the national scene could win the White House. One caller asked Walker if Romney was referring to him?

Walker said “Romney is a good and decent man, I talked to him Friday after his announcement.”  He did not say Romney was talking about him, but did note that he and Senator Marco Rubio of Florida are about the same age.

“If we’re gonna defeat Former Secretary of  State Hillary Clinton, if we’re taking on a name from the past we can’t have a name from the past, we need a name from the future,” said Walker.

Walker took calls from several Iowa towns, and talked about growing up and living in Plainfield, Iowa when he was young.  The Wisconsin Governor said he would be holding more telephone town hall meetings, and indicated he would be visiting Iowa again.

Listen to Scott Walker’s Townhall Meeting


  • John Smith

    As near as I can tell, Wisconsin has been depressed economically ever since he was elected. Now, he wants to take away a pile of funding for the Wisconsin university system, for some reason.

    Why is it that Iowa Republicans are so impressed with this guy? Is it that he’s a college drop-out?

    • marcopolish

      He’s kept Wisconsin from becoming the next Illinois, in a state where doing such gives the politician the half-life of a gnat…he’s the equivalent of the impossible to kill antibiotic resistant organism.

  • Wisconsinite

    Scott Walker has decimated Wisconsin. His last budget eliminated $1 billion from our public schools, he gave it to the wealthy and his donors in tax breaks. The middle class got $131 in tax relief. Over the next two years, property taxes will decrease $5 a year. That will get you a dollar meal at McDonalds.That is so he can tout fiscal conservatism. He is trying to eliminate public education, the playbook of ALEC and the Koch brothers. He is pushing voucher schools, which have no oversite or accountability,remove tax revenue from public school districts, has caused layoffs and downsizing of our public school systems. One donor of these private for profit voucher school organizations gave him $2.4 million. He borrowed money to balance our budget last year, but not in public. He touted a surplus before re-election, but it misterously disappeared and Wisconsin faces a $2.2 billion deficit shortfall now. In his new budget, he is eliminating $300 million from the University of Wisconsin system, Wisconsin’s flagship university system with 26 campus’ throughout the state. This after other recent cuts to the system. He again cut public school funding another $127 million. He is re arranging the state covernment. If it is not broken, he will break it. As Milwaukee County Executive, his administration was rife with corruption; 4 people going to prision. Top staff embezelling money from a veteran’s charity, working on campaigns on the taxpayer’s dime, illicit campaign contributions. This is all well documented Now after trashing the state, he is running around the country touting his “conservative credentials”. This is all well documented, he has left a trail more detailed than Hansel and Grettels bread crumb path. Buyer beware!!

    • marcopolish

      Which is why, as I mentioned, Democrats fear him; he is not the moderate Demublican that Bush would be, and he has succeeded in what he’s attempted, while surviving all the incredible attempts to eliminate him. But he is far behind Bush because Bush is of the anointed clan and the establishment’s candidate.

      • marcopolish

        “Gov. Scott Walker has gone on the record, stating that he supports “a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.”

        “We just have a broken system. And to me, if somebody wants to come in and live the American dream and work hard … we should have a system that works and let’s people in,” Walker told POLITICO’s Jonathan Martin.

        He also stated, “The vast majority of people want to come here for the right reasons. They want to live the American dream.”

        Really, Gov. Walker? In 2013, ICE agents encountered over 193,000 illegal immigrants with criminal convictions. More than 36,000 convicted criminal aliens were released. Among them, the 36,000 had nearly 88,000 convictions, including:

        193 homicide convictions (including one willful killing of a public official with gun)
        426 sexual assault convictions
        303 kidnapping convictions
        1,075 aggravated assault convictions
        1,160 stolen vehicle convictions
        9,187 dangerous drug convictions
        16,070 drunk or drugged driving convictions
        303 flight escape convictions

        If these people are so beneficial to the United States, then why aren’t they beneficial to their own countries?

        If the “vast majority” of illegal immigrants are coming for the right reasons (like what Governor Walker said), why is breaking our most important law for outsiders, their first action?

        Hot Air also reported, “Like every other member of the Republican establishment, Walker sounded tougher on immigration as a candidate than he does as an elected official. ”

        “If people want to come here and work hard and benefit, I don’t care whether they come from Mexico or Ireland or Germany or Canada or South Africa or anywhere else,” Walker said Tuesday during an interview with the Daily Herald Media Editorial Board of Wisconsin. “I want them here.”

        Walker was then asked about the estimated 11 million immigrants living in the country illegally. The editorial board asked if he could “envision a world where with the right penalties and waiting periods and meet the requirements where those people could get citizenship?”

        “Sure,” Walker responded. “I mean I think it makes sense.”

        WOW. The guy seemingly has more “other hands” than Tevye. He really wants to be the presidential puppet in the worst way. If his constituents cant trust him, how could even his adversaries? Sounds like some serious weakness. Which way is the wind blowing this hour?

  • John Smith

    Did one of the Kochs phone in? The Governor always seem to take their calls, and they have certainly been involved in Iowa politics as of late…

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