City Manager Names New Des Moines Police Chief

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Maj.-Dana-WingertDES MOINES, Iowa – Des Moines City Manager Scott Sanders will ask the City Council to confirm Police Major Dana Winger as the next Des Moines Police Chief.

Wingert has been a police major with the City of Des Moines Police Department since February 2011. He is the commander of the Operations Division where he is responsible for police patrol, neighborhood based service delivery, Metro Star, traffic and parking unit, K-9, airport security, and school resource officers.

Mr. Wingert began his law enforcement career with the City of Des Moines in December of 1991 as a police officer. He promoted to senior police officer in February of 1995; then police sergeant in May of 2000; police lieutenant in January of 2005 and police captain in September of 2007. Mr. Wingert possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Grandview University in Des Moines.

City Council is expected to confirm the appointment at a council meeting on February 9.

If approved, Mr. Wingert’s appointment will be effective the following day, Tuesday, February 10, at an annual salary of $150,000.


  • Ann Shaffer

    Congratulations to the new Chief of Police, Dana Wingert. It was a pleasure working with you. I know you will do well as Chief.

  • AJ B.

    So this guy was the person in charge when his officers were smoking meth and ramming cruisers into civilians and leaving the scene. And suppressing evidence of domestic abuse of an officer’s spouse. Sounds like this is a good old boys club that is above the law they are to enforce.

    • BJL

      Wow AJ B! This guy caused officers to smoke meth? He caused officers to leave the scene? He personally suppressed evidence of domestic abuse? How is it to be all-knowing for your direct reports? How do you have perfect control over the actions of every person who reports to you in your kingdom? How do you do it and when is your book coming out so the rest of the world can know how to have (stuff) that doesn’t stink? You think for one second you will find a single human being currently on this planet who has lived a perfect life in a position of authority to serve as chief of police? You are sadly mistaken my friend.

  • Luke Brant

    You know what really irritates me? GRAND VIEW UNIVERISTY is spelled TWOOOOO words. It isn’t that hard. The station is in Des Moines and you cannot even look up a college that is 15 minutes away. I bet you don’t spell Iowa State Iowastate. Go Vikings!

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