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Clive Seeks to Better Accommodate At-Home Businesses

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CLIVE, Iowa - The City of Clive is considering a new proposed ordinance that would change the way it regulates at-home businesses.

Currently, the city treats every at-home business the same, requiring them all to get a two-year permit. It also is strict on the nature of the at-home business, restricting certain types that would bring employees or clients to the home.

The new proposal would view at-home businesses in a tiered structure. Businesses with no impact on their neighbors, bringing no clients or employees to the home, would not have to do anything through the city. Businesses offering daycare services and swimming lessons would have to register through the city, could have customers at the home during certain hours of the day, and could have one employee at the home. Finally, businesses having multiple employees or customers at the home with longer hours of operation would have to seek special permission from city.

Community Development Director, Doug Ollendike, says the hope is to foster more business in the community.

"If you can create new business in your community, this may be a great way to launch some of those new businesses, where, over time, if they become successful, maybe they consider taking location at one of our office spaces in the community," he said.

Clive City Council will look at the proposal at its next meeting, holding a public hearing after that before a vote.