Proposal: AIB to be Renamed ‘Regional Regents Center’

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CEDAR FALLS, — Once the deal gifting AIB to the University of Iowa is finalized, AIB will be renamed the Regional Regents Center.

Members of the Board of Regents discussed the idea Thursday in Cedar Falls. Regents say the center will likely also be used by the University of Northern Iowa and Iowa State University for classes tailored to the Des Moines area.

Regents also admit there are still plenty of issues that need to be worked out before they vote on the merger.

“It’s an unusual gift in that it’s property so it’s not a gift of cash which is fairly easy most of the time to assume and accept so it’s a gift of about $30 million of urban property that’s gonna have to have the diligence done on it before we accept it along with what is the plan to operate that campus by the University of Iowa,” says Board of Regents’ President Bruce Rastetter.

The Regents did not say when they could vote on the proposal. Their next meeting is on March 11 at the University of Iowa.


  • John Smith

    Just imagine Governor Branstad’s hand-picked Board of Regents scooping up this gift to the University of Iowa and making it their own.

    Who didn’t see that coming?

  • The Phantom

    The Board’s nine members are citizen volunteers appointed but confirmed by the Iowa Senate to serve staggered six-year terms. Even Comrade Harkins wife is on the board, so yea Terry Branstad is behind the AIB gifting. Let look at the poor management at AIB and the way the current administration destroyed the school. John Smith is an idiot, nuf said!

    • John Smith

      You need to do a minute’s research on who makes up the Board of Regents CURRENTLY, and how they got their positions. Before you make a complete fool of your self, again.

      Pay particular attention to the three Board members that the Governor extracted early resignations from so that he could pack the Board the way he wanted to. Oh, and be sure to check out the Board of Regents president, and how he has been the single largest contributor to Governor Branstad over the years.

      Then, stop back and try to say something intelligent, just for a change of pace.

  • Martini

    A $30 million gift of land to U of Iowa? The Iowa BoR will obviously take the gift. What about the AIB BoR? Under their watch, they have let the sitting President take the college under and provide a disservice to the current students and staff – but she will continue to collect her salary until Dec 2016. Better deal than staff and students received.
    In any other organization – profit or non-profit – this type of leadership results in quick buyout or parting of ways. Can’t see what leadership or transition the President is going to provide the next 2 years.

    • John Smith

      They’ve turned down gifts before, this Board. Or, at least “strongly suggested” a gift be spurned. Ask Iowa State. I wonder if they’ll muck this one up such that the gift givers decide to take their gift elsewhere.

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