Zaun Proposes Bill to Change Primary Election Law

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DES MOINES, Iowa — A state senator wants Iowans to have the final say in primary elections when there is no official winner.

Senator Brad Zaun introduced a bill to get rid of the current system, which allows delegates at party conventions to choose the candidate, and replace it with a runoff election.

Last spring Zaun finished first in the Republican congressional primary election, but didn’t have the 35-percent needed to win. Delegates chose David Young as the party’s candidate.

“I just heard from thousands of Iowans that were upset in the last primary that they felt like when they voted I was the top vote getter. And it isn’t all about me. But they felt like their voice wasn’t being heard at the convention with the delegates,” says Zaun.

The bill passed a Senate subcommittee Thursday. It will now go to the state government committee, which will likely consider the bill next week.

If it passes there it will go to the full Senate.

Zaun says he hasn’t heard from a single lawmaker who is against the bill.


  • John Smith

    At what point did we decide that we all have the obligation to help political parties to choose the candidates they wish to run? In fact, why is the state involved AT ALL in having primary elections? Shouldn’t the process of choosing party candidates be up to the parties?

    • Zach Frim

      That was part of Boswell’s scorched earth campaign against Zaun. It was dirty campaigning at its finest. Zaun and the woman in question were going through an emotional breakup 20 years ago and he called her a name. No assault. And the woman even wrote to the Des Moines register to explain how Boswell blew the situation out of control but no one paid attention to that. He’s a good man and a good candidate that got screwed by Young in convention.

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