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DMPS Schools Lose Close Relationship With Closure of AIB

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DES MOINES, Iowa — The announcement that AIB will be ending its athletic programs in the spring of 2015 and graduating its final class in June of 2016 isn’t only difficult on the students currently attending the school.

Des Moines Public Schools is a major feeder to AIB with Roosevelt counselor, Ryan Williamson and North High School counselor, Kimber Foshe reporting sending 3-10 students to the college each year.

“It was right in our backyard. It was a great institution. It had a lot of promise. It was growing each year,” Williamson told Channel 13 News.

“It had a reputation for business. They’re also great at creating diploma programs certificates for high interest areas like social media,” said Foshe.

Dawn Gallardo, a senior at North High School was told she had a spot on the softball team. She learned otherwise not from AIB, but from watching the news.

“I thought they were fine and I was going to be able to go there,” said Gallardo.

Gunyanee Xayyarath hoped to study accounting there.

“The guy at the booth told me about the programs they had and I was interested so I applied there. The next thing I know, I hear about AIB on the news,” Xayyarath told Channel 13 News.

The bad news is that both will have to look for other schools and ways to pay tuition.

Gallardo and Xayyarath say they had both hoped to take advantage of scholarship money they hope will follow them to their second choices.

“I’ll be going to DMACC,” said Xayyarath.

“I will hopefully set up a lot of visits and find another school that’s really good with business,” Gallardo told Channel 13 News.

Williamson and Foshe both say it’s not too late for students to find the right school.

All DMPS students are encouraged to send in financial aid forms to at least three colleges.



  • John Smith

    And, just when I was hoping that WHO-TV News had run low on their “Reasons to Hate AIB” meme.

    Wow. As many as 50 local highs school students might have to pick a new place for their post-secondary education.
    Stop the presses.

    • The Real John Smith

      John, I couldn’t have thought of a more ignorant comment to leave on this. Do you realize what this means for countless future students, 1,000 current students, 300 student athletes, 100 international students, and over 11,000 alumni? Its something you and those with the authority to make change don’t think about. Do your research and open your eyes to the devastating and expensive implications that this has on them and try to not think only about yourself.

      • John Smith

        First of all, dimwit, your lack of originality is just outstanding.

        Second, a proprietary school is a business, and businesses go out of business all the time. If DMPS folks have been counting on their “close relationship” with the AIB sales associates (and I sincerely doubt that is the case), then they have made an error in judgement.

        Finally, this story is about exactly what I said it is about: 50 High School students,. POSSIBLY, need to make different plans for post-secondary education. Your lame attempt to make it bigger than it is is a transparent joke.

        Now, go back to your Staff Writer work there at WHO-TV News, numbskull.

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