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Ouija Board Statement Focus of Cold Case Trial Testimony

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WATERLOO, Iowa -- Witness testimony continued Monday in the Copper Dollar Ranch murder trial.

Terri Supino is accused of killing her estranged husband Steven Fisher and his girlfriend Melisa Gregory at the ranch near Newton in 1983.

Jurors heard from a former neighbor of Terri Supino who testified that she believes Supino admitted to committing the murders, while playing with a Ouija board.

Former neighbor Shelly Audas says one night while playing with the Ouija board she overheard Supino say, “If I can’t have him nobody will.” Audas says she believes Supino was talking about Fisher.

Other friends of Supino or Fisher also testified about the rocky relationship the two had, including one time when Fisher wanted Supino to fight Gregory over him at a bar.

A friend of Melisa’s, Sandra Jean Cupples, testified Melisa had Terri down on the ground and was beating her in the face. She also admitted Steven grabbed a tire iron in order to keep the fight from being broken up.

Court will not be in session Tuesday because of a death in the family of a juror.


  • Truth Truth

    Playing wiht a ouiji board = zero credibility. I feel like they are just trying to pin this on someone, I am not sold that she is the one that committed this crime. Zero physical evidence.

  • Patty

    Channel 8 is reporting much more thoroughly. Disappointed in your coverage and online posts about it. Compare then yourself.

  • Sherlock of Jasper County

    Why, oh, why did I, all these years since 1983, not believe what the Ouiji was telling me: The guilty are not 2, but 3: The twins and Carol, an accessory. Giving a false alibi and now perjury. Carol, tell the truth. Make a deal with the County Attorney and break the deal with the devil. You do not want to suffer all Eternity with the guilty. There’s no ice water there. Save your Soul. God forgives. Repent now and tell the truth. The twins did it. Amen.

  • Amy

    I don’t know why they need to act like this is news…they didn’t say the Ouija board was used as a confession, they just happened to be playing with one when she said something strange.

  • Jan Roseland

    For 30 years more knew the truth than we will ever know. Sadly for all that time they lived in & around newton continue`n to go about their lives without any remorse or concern.I to pray it all comes out.She was not alone in this & I hope every detail comes out.Jasper co.should be held accountable for not doing anything long ago.I am a firm believer in KARMA.

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