With Tuesday’s School Funding Showdown Looming, Democrats Tweet to Tweek Republicans

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DES MOINES, Iowa–Iowa Senate Democrats turned to Twitter Monday to try to build a public push to have Senate Republicans agree to spend more money for the state’s public school system. The senate expects to debate a school spending plan on Tuesday.

Last month, the Iowa House of Representatives, led by majority Republicans, sided with Governor Terry Branstad’s recommendation to raise per pupil funding by 1.25%, less than a third as much as Democrats say districts need to keep up with the growing cost of educating children.

That increase would give districts an extra $50 million next year. But Democrats say superintendents claim that won’t be enough money to avoid layoffs and program cuts.

Senate Democratic staff targeted specific Republican senators with Tweets reminding them what a 4% increase could do for their constituents’ schools.

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  • John Smith

    Well, I seem to recall that public school enrollment in Iowa have been edging upward. Yet, the Governor and his yup-yups in the House want to increase funding at a rate LESS than the inflation rate. Which, of course, means that they intend to CUT public school funding at the same time the public schools are being asked to do more.

    Let us keep this in mind the next time the Governor speaks of his support for education. BTW, how is that bill to throw tax dollars at private schools coming along?

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