Injuries Aren’t Stopping East Marshall’s Fricke

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LE GRAND, Iowa -- An East Marshall student's dream of playing college hoops were nearly dashed twice.  Taylor Fricke's high school career includes two knee injuries that have benched players for good.

"We were just doing a normal play that we always do and I went up and it just went out," said Fricke.

Fricke tore her left ACL eight games into the season her sophomore year.   She knew all too well the seriousness of the injury because her right knee was still healing from the same tear the year before.

Fricke sat out the rest of the season and thought about giving up the sport she loved.  Then she met new coach Missy Sharer-Pieters.

"The rumor was going around that she wasn’t even going to go out her junior year because of all the knee difficulties and the knee problems," said Sharer-Pieters.

The coach talked Fricke into playing then talked her family into letting her play.  Both said it wasn't easy or fun, but Fricke's conditioning and strength training paid off.

"I feel like if I think about it, I won't be playing how I can so I try to just push it out and play," said Fricke.

Next year, she will play for Waldorf College.  Fricke will sign her letter of intent with the school tomorrow and play for another East Marshall Mustang.   Waldorf Coach Katie Kitzman Schutjers holds several records at her alma mater.

"It hasn't really hit me yet that it's going to happen," said Fricke.

While she's looking ahead to next year, the season isn't over.  On Saturday, East Marshall will take on South Tama in the 2A Girls Basketball Regional Tournament.


  • bjertbjaeger

    So basically the coach talked the family into putting their daughter at serious risk of permanent disabling injury for a game that at best might get her a scholarship for 4 years.

    That coach must be desperate for a win.

    • Trisha Fricke

      The coach didn’t have to talk my husband and I into anything. It was our daughter Taylor’s decision. How do you tell your daughter after playing ball since 2nd grade to give up her dream. You don’t. You get her the best surgeons the best rehabilitation programs. She went through 6 months of rehabilitation for EACH knee. And you pray. So until you walk in my shoes, please don’t judge.

      • bjertbjaeger

        I’m not judging, your daughter will most likely have serious debilitating knee problems far too young in life, that’s just a medical fact. If you or she thinks it’s worth the price, I hope you and she still thinks so 20 years from now. On the other hand, Waldorf is a great school.

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