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West Des Moines Schools Facing More Budget Cuts

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — The West Des Moines school district will have to make more cuts to address a budget deficit.

It’s a move the district saw coming last year, when it failed to cut the needed $3.6 million.

In 2014 Superintendent Dr. Lisa Remy said, “If changes are made in the budget reduction package, as I suggested, that will move us down to $2.7 million, roughly, which means we`re going to have some heavier lifting to do next school year.”

Now that next year is here, the district needs to cut another one to two million dollars according to the Des Moines Register.

The deficit stems from rising costs and decreasing enrollment.

School officials hope to bridge the gap through early retirements and program and staff cuts. But some think that won’t be enough unless the legislature approves a bigger aid package.

The district asked for suggestions on ways to cut the budget last year. It is expected to revisit some of those suggestions.

West Des Moines is the 9th largest district in the state with 1,200 employees and 9,000 students.


    • thoughtful

      When their enrollment is dropping why should their state money be increasing? Doesn’t really make sense. Sounds like they need to do what any “business” would do and tighten the belt a little bit.

  • The Phantom

    Valley is a perfect example of a school district trying to hold on to the glory years. When they had the population base and spent money like there was no end it was amazing. Younger couples now are moving downtown, Northeast or further west. West Des Moines needs to realize that they will not have the student base in 5 years to support their lavish spending. Do not throw more money at a problem that is classis politician thinking. My kids were in WDM schools before we moved and it amazed me that a class of 15 kids would have a teacher and 2 teacher aids in the class and the administrative personal at each school is overwhelming. Make the cuts they are needs not just in WDM but everywhere. More teachers and services less administration and supervisors.

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