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Zaun Proposes Interstate Speed Limit Increase

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DES MOINES, Iowa — A metro senator wants to raise the speed limit on interstate highways from 70 to 75 miles-per-hour.

The bill is being proposed by Senator Brad Zaun of Urbandale.

Backers argue that 75 miles-per-hour is the current limit in over a dozen other states right now. But some are concerned with safety, saying higher speeds are more dangerous.

Iowa last changed its speed limit law in 2005. That’s when it implemented a 70 mile-per-hour speed limit on most rural interstates.


  • John Smith

    Is Senator Zaun still carrying his concealed weapon in the State House? Reckon they better give him anything he wants. Don’t want to risk an “incident”.

  • J

    They should take it a step further and raise rural highways to 60 and 4 lane highways (Highway 20/Highway 30 etc.) to 70.

  • bjertbjaeger

    Zaun must be hitting the sauce again, raising the speed limit in a state where speed is listed as the #1 killer on our roads. He also has opposed efforts to crack down on drunk driving and drunk boating.

  • Don

    75 means at least 80

    leave it 70, but enforce with reasonable discretion (tickets at 80+ mph in boondocks, 75+ elsewhere)

  • Tguhge

    Bad idea! As someone who works on the interstate system it’s dangerous now. Mr Zaun should try to cross the interstate on foot like I do all the time. So many people are idiots driving anyway the last thing we need is higher speed limits. Distract driving needs fixed not just texting and cell usage. I see people with laptops on their laps while driving, doing their makeup, reading newspapers, eating cereal, dogs on their laps, and much more. Fix distracted driving. DONT INCREASE THE SPEED LIMIT!!

    • J

      People with laptops on their lap while driving? In all my years of driving, the only people I’ve ever seen with a laptop is police and it wasn’t in their lap while driving. Only ever seen 1 person reading a newspaper while driving, only ever seen anyone putting makeup on while sitting at a stop light, never seen anyone eating cereal, seen people with dogs on their lap once in a while. Aside from that, there’s nothing that can be done to fix distracted driving. If people are doing those things, they will do them regardless.

  • John Smith

    I seem to recall that the original idea behind lowering the speed limit was to SAVE GAS! Does Senator Zaun now consider Iowa to be energy independent to the point that saving gas is no longer necessary? Does Senator Zaun have some interest in seeing fuel prices rise in Iowa?

    What is it that the Senator is hoping to accomplish? You know, for Iowa?

      • J

        Uhh, did it ever cross your mind to stay out of the left lane where the faster drivers are? Stay OUT of the left lane, fool! You’re the one with an incredible lack of attention to detail. I guess Don’t you have enough sense to know what the left lane is for? THINK before you go calling someone an ignorant dimwit!!

        And by the way, I am NOT particularly fond of Brad Zaun but that doesn’t mean I disagree with everything he says.

      • John Smith

        Ahh, more Dimwit logic. Imagine that.

        You’re going to hurt yourself, J, talking out of all your orifices at the same time like that.

  • Mark

    I think 75mph on interstates would be OK. And I think at least 60 on two lane highways would be OK also. One thing I think should be done is to make all speed limits across the State consistent and that is especially true for those limits in cities and towns and suburban areas. Often it seems to me there is no rhyme or reason to speed limits other than maybe setting up speed traps and money machines to catch unsuspecting drivers.

  • J

    Oh, and while they’re at it, make a state law banning red light cameras and speed cameras. Clive showed us that these are nothing more than a money grab.

  • Vinnie Vincent

    One of my cars really starts to burn gas at 75 and my other one has an HP Tuner performance mod in it…that one burns enough gas as it is just driving it. I think 70 is enough as it us. I’m guessing its a subterfuge to get people to buy more gas. More gas = more tax revenue, especially if they hike the tax.

  • Fiddlesticks

    I agree with most things Brad Zaun says, but this is one thing in which I DO NOT. More speed will easily equate to more deaths, no question, especially during the winter. Of course, there will be the fools who will say most people “are going that speed anyway”. They’ve been using that clueless phrase ever since the limit went from 55 up to 60 and with every 5 mph increment since. Keep it at 70, they’ll go 75 and maybe the Highway Patrol can write more speeding tickets to help cover the expense of some roadwork. Because the other thing we don’t need is that excessive 10 cent a gallon tax hike on gas (maybe 4 cents, at most).

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