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ISU Student Recovering After Being Attacked

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AMES, Iowa--An Iowa State University student is recovering at the hospital after his family says he was attacked.

Twenty-year-old Cale Truhlsen was leaving a party last weekend when his family says he was confronted by a group of adult males.

“My phone rang and it was his roommate, and he said we needed to get to Ames because my son was in the hospital,”says Cale's mother Jennifer Truhlsen.

Truhlsen and her husband Bob rushed to the hospital to find their son Cale was beaten almost unconscious.

“I talked to a witness that came forward and she said it was terrifying. She said that two men held my son down while one kicked him and one punched him,” says Jennifer Truhlsen.

Doctors say Cale has a broken nose, both his eyes were swollen shut and he had a hole in his intestines that required stitches.

His mom says it will be a long road towards recovery.

“It`s been a little slower and they said that`s because it`s not a typical surgery but he has been beaten as well,” says Jennifer Truhlsen.

The Truhlsen's say Cale remembers seeing a group of eight to nine adult males, not students, in the 400 block of Welch on Sunday February 8th around 1:50 a.m.

He was defending a female friend when he was confronted.

“He told them to chill out and I guess they kind of got in his face he said he remembers he shook their hands, so I think he was saying I’m not going to fight let`s move on. He said, I remember shaking their hand and the next thing I know there is someone behind me hit me. He thinks that`s when he got his eyes he said he couldn't see them because both of his eyes were instantly swollen shut,” says Jennifer Truhlsen.

“Whatever compelled them to think that 8 or 9 or how every many they had on one person it`s not only cowardly it`s a crime, they assaulted him,” says Cale’s father Bob Truhlsen.

At 6'9, 230 pounds, Cale sticks out in a crowd. His family is hoping someone saw the altercation or recognized the alleged suspects.

“We`re hoping that someone has a cell phone video that will show their faces so we can then put that on TV and then get these people. If this is something they do for fun, then they`re going to do it again and they`re going to do it to someone else`s son or daughter and they should be punished,” says Jennifer Truhlsen.

Ames Police say the investigation is ongoing.

Cale has since been transferred from Ames to a Des Moines area hospital.

If you have any information about the altercation, you’re urged to call Ames Police at 515-239-5133.

Or you can make a tip anonymously by visiting, http://www.storycountycs.com/   or calling the Story County Crime Stoppers at 515-382-7577.



  • Rel

    Hope he gets better, but I can’t sit here and believe that story. If he really was “defending a girl” the girl obviously would have came forward by now and would be a key witness in catching whoever “attacked” them. Also 1:50 AM on a Sunday morning? Can’t say alcohol was or was not involved in both parties. Also the attackers were identified as non-students, how does he identify that in his condition but not remember the girl who he was “defending”. Hope he gets better but 0% chance anyone gets charged or they catch anyone and this story seems like it has a LOT of holes in it

  • HawkeyeNation655

    How did it go from “two men held my son down while one kicked him and one punched him,” to “8 or 9 or how every many they had…. they assaulted him” sounds like a shaky cover up story

    • Bill W

      not giving a description, has become a description in and of itself

      everyone knows why a description wasn’t given

      • Holla

        “everyone knows why a description wasn’t given”

        Of course we do. The best part was KCCI’s coverage. ‘The suspects are believed to be in their 20’s to 30’s and NOT college students.’

        Boy that narrows it down doesn’t it? Always amazing that they can identify someone and determine that they don’t go to a University for higher learning yet can give us a description by something like say race.

      • Brad

        “everyone knows why a description wasn’t given”

        Yes, yes we do. It’s because the suspects were bla… *cough* *cough* *cough*

  • Clyde

    I bet that makes their parents proud to know they raised cowards.
    I’d turn on my friends if they did somthing like that.

  • JS

    Everyone should get their concealed carry permit and arm themselves…. Things like this are tragic and are only going to increase in frequency.

      • Concerned Citizen

        This kid could easily be dead given the vicious attack he suffered. Are you saying that the assailants should be able to attack people at will without risking their lives? I don’t think so.

  • isu

    Cales friends said he was talking smack to the group of guy’s.. not saying it makes it right but this story doesn’t make sense and is blown out of proportion. Cale was drunk and knocked out so how would he even remember details

    • Concerned Citizen

      How is it blown out of proportion if they put him in the hospital for talking smack? Are you one of the attackers or one of their buddies?

      • isu

        Not saying him being in the hospital is blown out if proportion he suffered some serious injuries but the story of what happened seems blown out of proportion. Lol no I’m not apart of the attackers, I know cale personally and like the guy. I just think there’s more to it that his buddies who were there aren’t telling his parents

      • Kyauna

        I see people get attacked all the time for defending a girl or even a guy! Everyone and (especially you) needs to stop saying there is probably more to it! Because there is a good chance that there was not more to it!!! People who are looking for trouble are going to react on something simple like that.

      • Concerned Citizen

        Sorry…still a bunch of punks to gang up on him like that. That part rings true given his extensive injuries.

    • thoughtful

      Where were these supposed “friends” who know details? Why didn’t they help their friend when he was attacked?

    • Ryan Vanspoor

      I have experienced things like this personally walking out of Campustown, minding my own business. Uppity cowards will gang together and try to pick a fight with anyone who passes by who looks easy to take down. Sometimes, you can walk away without much incident–they’re typically too cowardly to try to chase you down. Other times, you need to defend yourself for no other reason other than having been there.

    • Jennifer Truhlsen

      You infuriate me. If you know so much why don’t you not hide behind a made up name? Come forward because I would love to have a conversation with you about what you “claim” to know. You’re pathetic. A young man gets a hole kicked in his intestine along with other injuries and this is his fault? You don’t know the story nor do you know how many witnesses have come forward to corroborate it, so please stay out of this, they could be looking at a murder charge if it wasn’t for a few smart students/friends.

      • Concerned Citizen

        ISU appears to be blaming the victim here. The appeasement crowd is very good at that. As far no evidence or proof, the bystanders statements would certainly be considered evidence and proof. I hope that they are arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Come on county attorney, if these criminals are caught, don’t plea bargain on this. It only encourages more bad behavior.

      • isu

        Jennifer, you’re right I don’t know the whole story just what I have heard from friends that went to valley and were there. I would be of no help coming forward and talking to you as i was not there. I hope they do find a way to catch those who did this to cale. Anyway, thank you for the name calling. I’m glad cale is doing better.

  • Citizen

    ISU, were you there or are you just repeating hearsay? If you know the guy personally and like him wouldn’t you be doing what you could to help bring justice to him? Rather than spreading hearsay that makes a hospitalized kid look like the person at fault. It’s common sense. He’s in the hospital and the others are running free. If you aren’t willing to help find the truth then you’re part of the problem.

    • Rico44

      I can tell you one thing, I carry all the time so if I get jumped, or attacked by multiple assailants I will defend myself by any means necessary and the good news is I don’t drink so no worries about drunken judgement. But since that was not the case here if people want to be safe or feel safe to go out and enjoy themselves, they need to do what they can to help arrest these thugs. If your not man enough to fight one on one then stay home. I pay for a speedy recovery for this boy and an arrest of the cowards.

      • Cal north

        IF he was hit from behind with no warning, all carrying would have accomplished is to have provided the criminals a weapon to steal and possibly use against him. Guns are rarely the answer.

    • isu

      Citizen, I’m just repeating “hearsay” that came from Cales friend that was with him at the time of the incident. There is no way I could possibly help bring justice.. I was not there but maybe his friend who was could do so. Either way, there most likely is no video, evidence, or proof so this will go no where. I feel bad for cale, but this could have been avoided.

      • Concerned Citizen

        So are you blaming the victim here ISU? I’m not sure what you mean by could have been avoided. Violent people are going to hurt others whether you “talk smack” to them or are just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  • Parent

    My son had a similar situation happen after leaving a party at ISU in October. He was hit numerous times in his eye by an individual that was with a large group while he was with a friend. These guys were bragging about not getting caught because the assaulter was not a student.
    It is very scary to get a phone call that your child has been assaulted. Then seeing him and his good eye swelled the size of an orange and not knowing if there is permanent damage. Since when did drinking become an excuse for assault and battery? My heart goes out to Cale and his parents. I hope they catch these guys!

  • Rebecca Hergert

    You want to keep a clean profile/college/jobs/family life!!
    Employers looks at your life in your college days & your life, even on Facebook!!
    So stay out of the bars/house party’s!!
    So maybe God was telling you something, but I hope these subjects are brought to justice!!

    • Kim

      Oh my goodness Rebecca, have you looked the crazy train that is YOUR facebook page? All about cats, what you eat daily, 80’s bands, Dr. O … and your obvious need to read a book on grammar. How dare you tell this family that “God” was telling their son something? There are such thing as designated drivers who are along to keep their friends safe and I can assure you that as someone who understands the employment sector, I wouldn’t hire you based on your postings. Oh and thank you “Blahblahblah.”

  • Jory76Byng

    I do not believe his story at all, the girl would be key in identifying the “suspects” and she hasnt been heard from (because she does not exist)

  • Therese Christensen

    Personally, I think there is a lot more to this story than what is being told. The guy (Cale) is 6′ 9″ tall and well over 200 pounds. He would prove to be an imposing figure and I think most people would think twice about going up against someone that big. I think an argument started, words were exchanged, maybe a flying fist or two, and all hell broke loose. I wasn’t there, but something just doesn’t add up here. As for Cale, I hope he recovers completely and moves on with his life. But, something tells me we haven’t heard the end of this yet.

  • ctctheh

    Okay lets start with those commenting about how “alcohol was probably involved on both parts” yes it probably was. But it does NOT make what they did to Cale okay.

    Now lets look at the people saying “well obviously there more to the story I bet he wasn’t completely innocent” thatstill does NOT make what they did to Cale okay.

    You people sit here and discuss what happened like you were right there. When in reality most of us have no clue what happened so why dont we all pipe the fuck down with these half brained assumptions and focus our energy instead on hoping for a peaceful recovery for Cale ( who has been described to me by people who know him as a very sweet and nice person) and for whoever is at fault to face the appropriate consequences.

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