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Branstad Talks Gas Tax, Speed, and Cannabis Oil

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Iowa lawmakers are roughly one-third of the way through their scheduled legislative session. Governor Terry Branstad Monday offered insight into where he stands on some key issues.

Issue 1: Raising the gas tax a dime per gallon to 31 cents

"I never make a final decision on bills until I receive them," Branstad said. Although, just moments before when asked whether he would sign a 10 cent increase if the house and senate passed a bill, he replied, "yes."

Issue 2: Raising the speed limit on rural highways from 70 to 75 miles per hour

"I want to look at the impact on the public safety and fatalities on the roads."

Issue 3: Accessing Cannabis Oil for Iowans with Severe Forms of Epilepsy

"There might be a possibility that we can work something out with a neighboring state in dealing with this."

The governor was referring to Illinois, which is considering a plan to allow a company to manufacture cannabis oil. However, there could still be logistical issues with transporting that oil across state lines to help get it to Iowans who want it.


  • marcopolish

    What’s he thinking? Please. He’s shown us this pattern his whole career.

    1. Free money care of the taxpayers we can successfully bully, because we can.
    2. Because at 75, getting stopped for going 92 is less embarassing.
    3. Waiting until, as he usually does, “the time is right.” Meaning he was against gambling on moral grounds, until the time was right, and then he got us in at 45 degrees to be the fastest growing and most gambled-up of any state for a number of years until the present high plateau. No way is he brave enough to ever face into a wind.

  • John Smith

    Maybe if an Egyptian company decides to build a cannabis oil manufacturing facility in Iowa, they can get a few hundred million in tax breaks.

    Does the Lieutenant Governor ever do anything besides looking over the Governor’s shoulder? She really has to appear at a simple presser? Really?

    • marcopolish

      He has a very long history of picking women, never men, in his campaigns, and in office, someone who will never challenge him or go aside or forward of him. He detests having to worry about competitive threats and this is what he has done all along. This goes back even before Joy Corning. He doesn’t want a man in that role, and he doesn’t want ever to have any sense of competition or showing him up, therefore they are not allowed their own light or chance to achieve.

  • bjertbjaeger

    So basically after spending the tax payers money on his “0 Deaths” program, he’s considering increasing the speed limit, speed being the #1 killer on the road?

    The rest is to be expected, the politicians in Iowa are going to continue to exhibit the morals of pedophiles and weasel around the cannabis issue.

    I would laugh if he and everyone of his cronies got nailed by drunk drivers and they had to spend the rest of their lives suffering as they make others suffer. It would be justice served well.

    • marcopolish

      “So basically after spending the tax payers money on his “0 Deaths” program, he’s considering increasing the speed limit, speed being the #1 killer on the road?”

      That is a good one, quite right. Deaths skyrocket above 70, and drop dramatically on the way to 55. But that’s old statistics, I don’t know what the current is.

      • bjertbjaeger

        I like how they focus on deaths, but the statistics regarding disabling injuries seem to correlate to the death statistics in that all these safety measures save lives and create life long nursing home patients. Heck of a trade off really.

  • revraygreen (@revraygreen)

    with Terry and company, let’s make up the rules as we go, still no patient gets anything. ” Branstad on Monday mentioned a future dispensary in Rock Island in the Quad Cities that could help Iowa residents. Branstad’s spokesman says the governor needs to discuss potential changes with Rauner.” This is not a trade agreement with China for soybeans and corn, it is peoples LIVES..

  • Clyde

    on the gas tax, I’d say raising it by one third is not the answer, trimming a lot of fat off the state is a better idea.

    • marcopolish

      Not messed up at all if you are a DOT executive, a construction industry lobbyist, or an elected official who observes that citizens are rubes and chumps and sheep to be fleeced.

  • John

    It’s terribly ironic that the governor had a “Zero Deaths” campaign for one of the deadliest activities in Iowa, which he’d now like to make deadlier. While in reality, there are ZERO DEATHS from marijuana. Ever. Feel free to cross-reference the CDC statistics. It’s not about wellness or safety. It’s about control.

  • unbelievable

    Gas Isn’t the only thing going up in cost!! ANYTHING transported i.e . Groceries, clothing, restaurant prices, delivery charges,etc. A lot of cost is being put on the workers and senior citizens.

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