Senate Bill Would Ban ‘Conversion Therapy’ From Licensed Professionals

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DES MOINES, Iowa - Licensed medical professionals could soon be banned from administering a type of therapy designed to change a child's sexual orientation.

"It would be like if you took a left handed child and every time they went to use their left hand, not only did you put it behind their back, you twisted it and told them how horrible they were,” said Donna Red Wing, executive director of One Iowa, a local LGBT organization.

Senate File 31 would ban licensed psychologists and therapists from practicing "conversion therapy" to gay or transgendered youth.

The bill was introduced by Iowa's only openly gay lawmaker, State Senator Matt McCoy.

While it would be illegal for licensed professionals to use conversion therapy, McCoy said this bill does not apply to religious groups.

"We believe churches should be able to speak out against being homosexual. We believe churches should be able to use bible beliefs and religious doctrines to teach, preach, and proclaim whatever their philosophy is,” Senator McCoy told Channel 13 News.

The FAMiLY LEADER, a social conservative organization released a statement on the issue asking lawmakers to oppose the bill.

A portion of the statements reads quote, “parents should be free to pursue professional counseling for their minor children as they see fit without interference from the arbitrary and political hand of government.”

Similar legislation has been passed in the last two years in California and New Jersey.


  • John Smith

    Like the minimum wage bill, I suspect that either the House won’t pass it, or, if they do, the Governor will veto it.

    Gotta keep ALEC and Vander Plaats placated, you know. Probably a lot of slightly used leather-bound Bibles up on E-bay after this is all over, either way. Them gold-embossed names will rub right off, I hear tell…

  • ck

    For an honest Christian lens into “conversion therapy,” Bryan Christopher’s soul baring memoir, “Hiding from Myself” (on Amazon) is a must read for anyone considering “conversion therapy,” either for themselves, or their kids.

    • John Smith

      Naw, I think it’s a couple of local guys. With money from the other side of the Mason-Dixon line.

      No need to insult Satan OR his hissing serpents!

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