Chicago Reporter Freaks Out About the Cold Weather

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CHICAGO, Illinois -- An arctic blast has locked the Midwest in a deep freeze. The one person you should never joke with about the cold temperatures is a reporter standing outside, while reporting on the freezing temperatures.

Chicago's WGN morning show anchors, Larry Potash  and Robin Baumgarten decided to have a little fun with reporter Tonya Francisco while she was out on a cold weather story.

“Hey Tonya, it’s not that cold out there!”

Her reaction was priceless.


  • Mike Cee

    That’s the quality of the news media today? It looks like it’s turned into and entertainment venue rather than news. The reporter needs to get over herself, quit whining and drop the dramatic act. It’s no wonder she has a hard time finding anyone to stop and talk to her-they too realize she’s an idiot.

    • John

      MIKE CEE, go watch FOX News or something if you want some negative news. The rest of the world wants a break once in a while.

    • Gib Pleh

      I agree Mike, what a waste if time to have this so-called “priceless” reaction on air. Mindless garbage is all this is. If they don’t have anything to report, how about a reality story on how it’s safer to be in Libya than Chicago.

  • tnnsmn360

    The answer here is: Send those two outside and wait and freeze and that attitude would change real quick…..

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