Iowa Acupuncturists Seeking Stricter Guidelines

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DES MOINES, Iowa - It's an ancient art that takes thousands of hours to master and that's why Iowa acupuncturists are lobbying lawmakers to impose stricter guidelines on who can administer it.

Right now, doctors, osteopaths and chiropractors are exempt from the law that regulates acupuncturists.

Bill Terrell, a board member for the Iowa Association of Oreintal Medicine and Acupuncture, appeared on the Channel 13 News at 4:00 to discuss their efforts.


    • Marci

      Not an acupuncturist but have used for yrs. oriental medicine & acupuncturists are trained to examine, evaluate and treat based on eastern medicine-very different from western medicine. Non- Oriental medicine trained practitioners essentially read a book, memorize patterns for needling for basic complaints and stick needles in people. At best they may have had a few hours of training. Thus their treatments are only marginally successful. Possible outcomes: wrong pattern for what’s needing treatment, misplaced needles, lack of true understanding of how acupuncture actually works. Oriental Medicine an Acupuncture practitioners have over 1000 hrs of training. They deserve the same status as separate specialized practitioners just as any other.

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