Iowa Juvenile Home Case Going Before Iowa Supreme Court

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iowa juvenile home

Iowa Juvenile Home in Toledo (WHO-HD)


DES MOINES, Iowa — The Iowa Supreme Court will hear arguments Tuesday on the closure of the Juvenile Home in Toledo.

Gov. Terry Branstad shut the home last year, after it was revealed that isolation rooms were being misused.

A Polk County district court ruled the home should re-open because the legislature had already appropriated funds for it. The governor appealed the ruling and the facility remained closed.

The Supreme Court will hear from both sides Tuesday night starting at 7:00 at the State Judicial Building.

The justices will rule on the matter at a later date.


  • the the truth be known

    How much is this costing the taxpayers each time the Governor disputes not getting his bullying way?

  • John Smith

    I reckon if the ISC ruling is not what the Governor wants, he’ll just veto appropriations for the facility in the future. After all, the goal is to get rid of as many state employees as possible. The fact that his administration can’t seem to properly manage a relatively small operation like the Juvenile Home just means those evil state employees have to go!

    Say, can anyone in the media tell us how the Governor is doing on his pledge to “create” 200,000 jobs in Iowa? We’re in year 5 now of his 5-year plan. And, as we all know, the Governor doesn’t intend to count job losses, so the state employees he has fired won’t have any bearing on his campaign promise. Or, is that why he wants to make certain all the high school kids are available to take those phat 10 day jobs at the state fair, so he can add them into his job creation numbers?

  • Mendy

    I agree with Branstad. I hope they close that isolation center for good! Not a healthy living environment for those kids

    • joe

      Then they just as well start building on to the Mitchellville women’s jail, because that is where these girls that need help will end up…

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