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Car Theft Suspect Arrested Following Chase

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Dallas County authorities say a Grimes man escaped the custody of a Woodward police officer only to end up in custody in Des Moines Thursday night.

28 year old Anthony McGilvrey of Grimes was pulled over by Woodward Police shortly after 6 PM Thursday for driving while barred. An officer placed him in handcuffs and put him in the back of a squad car. It turns out McGilvrey’s crime spree was only beginning.

"I know he was cuffed in the rear. As far as getting the cuffs to the front, that happens more often than you would think." said Lt. Adam Infante, a supervisor with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office.

Still cuffed, Infante says McGilvrey jumped out of the unlocked squad car and back into the car he was originally pulled over in. The passenger, Emily Forte took the wheel.

Police say Forte eventually crashed into a ditch in rural Woodward. Desperate to get away, officers say McGilvrey broke into the home of an elderly woman on U Avenue in Dallas County.

"He broke into the house. He was confronted by the woman who lived there. She said she would call police and he said he'd wait for law enforcement. The next thing you knew, he took off with her car,” Infante told Channel 13 News.

After stealing the elderly woman’s Buick, police caught up to McGilvrey and chased him south down Highway 141. Police say McGilvrey eventually turned on to Meredith Drive where he led authorities into oncoming traffic at nearly 120 MPH. Dallas County authorities called the chase off, and Des Moines police stepped in.

Minutes later, Des Moines police received a call that McGilvrey crashed into a fence on the corner of 54th and Merced.

"I made sure my doors were locked and kept an eye out on them," said Danielle Comer, a Des Moines woman who witnessed the crash.

Tracks in the snow led authorities to 5225 Merced. A woman in the home came outside and told officers a man had broken in through a basement door and was hiding inside. She told them the man had taken a knife from the kitchen.

Officers say they found McGilvrey hiding behind a bedroom door with the knife. He was taken into custody and is charged with 2nd degree burglary.

The Woodward Police Department says he is also charged with interference with official acts, escape from custody, eluding, and several traffic violations.

Emily Forte was booked into the Dallas County Jail on a charge of interference with official acts.




    Not buying the idea he “broke” into that house. That is the shadiest house in Des Moines. Another stolen car was found there a month ago.

  • Don Williams

    Entered two homes illegally, escape from police custody, car theft, eluding police, speeding, reckless driving. Anything I missed? He was jaw jacking when carted away. I hope that’s at least 15 years considering he’s already got a record. His low life loving girlfriend needs to be put away for awhile too.

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