Woman Who Nearly Died From Flu, Talks About Her Road to Recovery

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URBANDALE, Iowa -- The woman who spent over a month in a Nebraska hospital after nearly dying from the flu, is now at home recovering.

Saturday, the community hosted a pancake breakfast and fundraiser for Julie Jorgensen at Urbandale High School. In late December, Jorgensen was diagnosed with the flu and remained hospitalized in a coma for weeks. Doctors didn’t give her much hope for survival.

Now Jorgensen, is almost back to her old self and says it wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the support from family, friends and even strangers.

“It’s so hard to thank people to find the right words to thank everyone,” she says. “Thank you so much for all the prayers that got me through and got my family through.”

Doctors expect Jorgensen to make a full recovery within the year. Almost daily, she attends occupational and speech therapy. Jorgensen speaks with a soft raspy voice due having a tube down her throat while she was in a coma.

“That for some reason feels like the hardest part of this because something so natural and easy for everybody is work for me.”

Leading an active lifestyle prior to her sickness, Jorgensen plans to return to her personal trainer sometime next week to work on her strength. She says regaining her strength is her top priority.

“I’m not a ‘sitter’. I don’t sit. That’s why this is so important that I start getting going and getting my strength back,” she laughs. “I’m so looking forward to this summer the doctors think I will be okay to start playing outside again with the kids.”

The CDC reports the number of confirmed flu patients continues to decrease, however influenza is still considered widespread in Iowa.


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