Family of Missing Oskaloosa Woman Has Closure But Few Answers

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GRIMES, Iowa -- It was a tragic ending in the search for Sallie West. Her body was found in a creek in Grimes on Friday.

"For some reason I just looked down and I saw the white car. And I bursted into tears. It's like, no, my sister can't be in there. Just let it be her car. I don't want it to be my sister," said Sarah South, West's sister. "So I was there during the whole finding of the car and everything and the sheriff that was on the scene he actually came up and gave me a hug."

Family members tell us 46-year old Sallie West left her home in Oskaloosa Monday morning for her grandson’s birthday party in Ankeny, but she never made it. Police have been searching for her ever since. Friday morning a Polk County Sheriff’s deputy spotted West’s car in the Little Beaver Creek under a bridge that crosses Highway 141 in Grimes.

"He took an effort to come out here and look at some of the areas that you cant see from the roadway and without that effort there's a pretty good chance we wouldn't have found her in that vehicle until spring." sad Polk County Sheriff's Department Sergeant Brandon Bracelin.

Police say West's body was found a few hours later just feet from where the car was found.

West's family is still searching for answers. Why was she in Grimes? Why did she crash?

"I have closure that I know where she's at. But I would like to know why,"said South. "Every time see a picture of her I just smile. Because see that smile on her face knowing that she's with us."




  • Gib Pleh

    “He took an effort”? I would think it would be part of his job description. That’s like saying “the bakery guy took an effort to make these donuts, and without that effort there’s a good chance there wouldn’t be any donuts for sale.”
    It’s the same reason cops aren’t eligible for the Governor’s Life Saver awards, because IT’S WHAT WE PAY THEM TO DO.

    • Brad

      I am guessing that your outrage is misplaced because he was just informing people that the location of the vehicle was hard to get to therefore not something they could have easily spotted sooner because it was well off of the beaten path. I don’t think the guy was complaining about the vehicle being hard to get to when he found it.

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