Pushing For World Record of Push-Ups

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Push-Ups with a Purpose in Boone Sunday (Roger Riley, WHO-HD photo)

Push-Ups with a Purpose in Boone Sunday (Roger Riley, WHO-HD photo)

BOONE, Iowa- It was called Push-Ups with a Purpose. The idea: to set a new Guinness Book of World Records for the amount of people doing push-ups at the same time, across the globe. Every push-up participants can do, they donate $1.00 to the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund. The organization helps families battling childhood cancer. The Training for Warriors network had lined up people in 29 countries to do the Push-Ups with a Purpose at the Same minute on Sunday morning.

“As it transpired I understood it was a 60 second thing, I didn’t last nearly that long, said Merrill Tam, of Boone.  He said his wife encouraged him to stop by, even though he wasn’t sure what would happen at this event. Tam did 25 push-ups.

Michelle Kelly of Survival Fitness in Boone spent a year organizing the event.  She spent 90 minutes preparing the people to understand the rules, they could not stop, and no other person could help them.

“We had people in their 60’s doing push ups,” said Kelly. “We had high school students doing push ups which is kind of a neat thing.”

Kelly credits the community for the success of the event. “Boone is an awesome place to live, and we do  awesome things like these community events,” said Kelly.

The event was hoping to raise $1000 locally, but Kelly said they were well past that figure.