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THE INSIDERS: Ed Fallon – March 1st Edition, Part 1

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Much of the national attention has been on the Keystone Pipeline which President Obama vetoed this past week.  That pipeline would have cut north-south through the United States, but stay west of Iowa.

The Bakken Pipeline is different.  It would be an 1100-mile underground crude oil pipeline that starts from the Bakken oil fields of North Dakota, through South Dakota, then through Iowa and end eventually in Illinois.

Former Democratic lawmaker Ed Fallon led a march last year across the United States to protest the Keystone Pipeline as part of his efforts to raise climate change awareness.  Fallon is set to take off on another march, and this time, it will be through Iowa to stop the Bakken pipeline.

He tells Channel 13's Dave Price about this walk, and what he hopes will be accomplished.

It should be mentioned that Texas-based Dakota Access is behind the Bakken project.  They said they could not provide anyone from Texas or someone working with them in Iowa to come on The Insiders to debate Fallon.


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