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Businesses Affected By Local Teams In Tournament

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- This week the Girls State Basketball Tournament is expected to bring in an estimated 60,000 people to the downtown area, bringing an economic impact of a million dollars to the city.

This is the second of three state tournaments that come to Des Moines every year. In addition to hotels and restaurants, dress shops also get a lot of extra business during these three weeks as many out of town teens take this time to shop for the perfect prom dress.

Local dress shops say these three weeks account for roughly 25-50 percent of their prom dress sales. But this week presents a unique challenge. Many of the teams competing this year are local teams, meaning dress stores won't see as many out of town shoppers taking advantage of their time in Des Moines.

Matthew Mosley with Skeffington's Savvi Formal Wear says most local teens wait later in the shopping season to get their dress.

"We sometimes get dresses in closer to prom just because they're on backorder or it's such a popular dress that we have to get it in again so girls know to kind of feel it out for a month or so before prom and then make that final decision,” said Mosley.

Hoping to get more teens to buy early local shops are offering discounts during the next two weeks of tournaments. Steffington's will take $50 off any tux and $50 off any dress costing $200 or more. Stacey's is also offering $50 off any dress.


  • The Phantom

    Sandy, those prices are nothing. We have friends that spend $800 to $1200 on prom dresses for their daughters.

  • Jeff Scott

    Since when did 10 equal “plenty of teams”? That’s 1/4 the field and that includes schools like Ballard of Huxley in that 1/4. If you can’t market to fans of 30 out of town teams, you’re doing something wrong

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