Cyclone Fans: Now THAT Was Hilton Magic

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AMES, Iowa- The Iowa State Cyclone Men's Basketball team staged an epic comeback on the Oklahoma Sooners Monday night. The Cyclones were shooting colder than an Iowa winter, and were down by 21 in the first half. A technical foul in the second half on Oklahoma helped spur the team and the fans.  Of course fans are still talking in Ames today.

"The first half I was super-stressed," said Katelyn Engh of Story City. I was hiding under my blanket the whole time."

Kathy Hein works at the Iowa State University Bookstore, she's gone to Cyclone games for 20 years.  "People were leaving at halftime, near us, which is kind of shocking," said Hein. She noted the noise level at the Oklahoma game.  "Sometimes its loud for a few seconds, but it was continuously loud for a good solid minute," said Hein.

Coming back in the second half spoke loudly to ISU's fans.

"They had a different demeanor about them," said Hein "They were ready to pull off a win."

The fans are believers in Hilton Magic. "That's what makes Hilton Magic, the fans and obviously the great players we have," said Bryce Phillips of Boone. " For the opponent it is extremely overwhelming,  for us it's an advantage."

"Down 21 points and to come back like that, shows a lot of heart and guts," said Caldwell Miller of Boone. "Especially on Senior night for the 3 seniors we had."

"That was the real Hilton Magic that happened last night," said Hein.